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When AT&T needed an advanced appointment scheduling solution to transform its customer experience in stores, it turned to ACF Technologies for help, via its systems integrator Amdocs.

The scale of AT&T’s operation brought unique challenges — around 2,300 AT&T stores needed calendar support. This meant:

  • Strong stability and survivability

  • Efficient administration with minimal manual intervention

  • Same-day deployment of initial package and upgrades access across all stores

  • High performance, ensuring excellent customer experience and real-time updates to the calendar database during peak time.

The Solution

We implemented out flagship platform Q-Flow, to provide:

  • High performance servers, tested to ensure reliability during peak use

  • Multi-channel scheduling to enable customers to book appointments in-store, through a call center, on their mobile or online

  • Seamless integration with AT&T’s administration systems, enabling automatic set-up of stores, calendars, employee schedules and permissions

  • Integration with AT&T’s proprietary greeter and CRM systems, ensuring a seamless experience for customers arriving for their appointments

    The most significant component is the online scheduling application embedded in AT&T’s website:

AT&T Advanced Appointment Scheduling
AT&T 2.png

The Results:

Q-Flow proved highly successful:

  • 100% stability since launch

  • Successful, same-day launch at 2,300 stores following a pilot project

  • A more efficient customer experience — reducing repeat visits and increasing customer satisfaction

  • Q-Flow helped AT&T achieve unprecedented improvement in customer satisfaction scores, rating the highest in JD Power’s customer satisfaction rankings.

ACF solution is AT&T’s best customer service.
— Ralph de la Vega, President & CEO of Mobility