Improving the Banking Customer Experience through Queue Management

The Banco de América Central (BAC) in Guatemala is ranked seventh in the list of Central America’s 10 most important and solid Banks. With a presence in Panama, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua they have more than 353 offices around the región.

The Challenge

“Fintech continues to lead innovation in the banking industry by focusing more on the customer experience. Banks are faced with a series of options; replicate what the Fintech companies are doing, respond with equally innovative solutions, be more symbiotic and les competitive, or look for a combination of these strategies that suit their unique capabilities and market positions.”

In line with innovations in the marketplace, BAC Credomatic knew that they had a choice: to remain as they were and lose business, or to change and improve.

The bank was struggling with two systems that were currently managing their customer experience (Q-Matic and Sin Cola). Bad experiences and bad offers from existing providers had led their customers to lose confidence in them. BAC Credomatic knew they needed to change providers and improve the customer experience so, in 2017, they began looking at presentations to identify a new provider.

By May 2017 they were trialing a demonstration of Q-Flow in their technology office, to ensure that Q-Flow would work as expected. Then, in June 2017, when the bank acquired another 13 offices they decided to begin using a new model of customer care: a self-managed process which would give them a new, differentiated experience for their customer unlike any other – including a coffee Barista and a games room with iPads for children.

The Solution

Within 10 days, ACF Technologies was able to install a fully working solution of Q-Flow in BAC’s technology area. They used this controlled test environment to:

  •  Identify the client and print a ticket with the customers’ name and last name

  • Integrate the software with a reader, encrypted by the bank

  • Print campaigns to help with business upsell

  • Include surveys

  • Use additional digital signage as part of the Q-Flow Portal.


The Results:

BAC concluded that the tests were 100% successful.

The tests had been open to various departments – including technology, marketing and customer experience. During this time technology employees were able to check how well the ACF technology was able to integrate with their encrypted readers, information security and servers. Marketing was able to work with ACF’s centralized digital signage, load content from a playlist and create different content agreements for different branches. The customer experience team was able to ensure that customers could be identified, prioritized by their appropriate segment and that they could start putting upsell campaigns in place.

The time then came to roll Q-Flow out to 13 different branches: each with a different flow and market segment, including a VIP solution for branches where service was totally personalized.

Six months later, BAC Guatamela replaced 100% of their branches using other systems, and replaced those solutions with the Q-Flow Service.

Future Projects:

As a result of the strong business relationship that has been built between ACF Technologies and BAC, as well as the excellent implementation of Q-Flow, BAC now has the directive to replace all their queue management platforms with the Q-Flow Customer Solution in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. As a result, ACF will be the only platform used by BAC to manage their customers across multiple channels.

ACF has been a strategic partner in our route to digital transformation. Their support has been invaluable in improving the experience of our clients, and we are quite satisfied with all the support during and after implementation.”
— Jessica Jurado, Head of Customer Experience, Channel Management, BAC Credomatic