Davivienda Reduces Wait Times to Zero with ACF & Q-Flow

By using the ACF Technologies solution, 80% of Davivienda customers experience less than a 10 minutes wait time with a traditional ticket. 100% of the customers that use Daviturno Web (Virtual Check-In) reduced the wait time to zero minutes.


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2023 Davivienda reduces wait times EN7
2023 Davivienda reduces wait times EN8

The next-generation platform that powers each of our solutions

Each of our modules are built on this powerful platform, allowing you to deliver a range of services through a single intuitive tool and make the most of every customer visit.


2023 Improve Customer Loyalty EN1
Improve Customer Loyalty
2023 Shorten Customer Wait Times EN4
2023 Allow Customers To Q-Anywhere EN2
Allow Customers To Queue Anywhere
2023 Reduce Employee Workload EN3

A seamless virtual customer experience

This helps you manage capacity within your lobbies, reduce the flow of people through your physical locations, and dramatically improve the customer experience.

What our customers say

2023 Finger Lakes Health EN5
Finger Lakes Health Customer Quote

We love Q-Flow and don’t know what we would do without it. Because of Q-Flow we have made improvements to ensure that patient throughput and Customer Service standards are met on a consistent basis.

Finger Lakes Health
Geneva General and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospitals
2023 Wake Forest Baptist EN6
Wake Forest Baptist Customer Quote

I have never been so impressed at how organized the clinics are. It is so efficient. Q-Flow has thought of everything.

Suzanne Coetzer, Sr. Clinical Project Manager, Information Technology Services
Wake Forest Baptist Health

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