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Live webinar
Branch Virtualization – A reality sooner than we thought?
April 23, 2020

This is a past event. In order to watch the recording, click on the link below:


The Virtualization of the Branch is fast becoming a reality for many financial organizations. With global shifts in customer behavior, growing pressures on business resources, and an increased need to deliver a truly personalized experience, more organizations are looking to deliver end-to-end customer service in a virtual way.

Join us on the webinar where we will explore why global shifts in consumer experience are accelerating virtual service strategies, and what organizations can do in the short, medium, and long term to come out on top.

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During this session we will answer:

  • Short term: What can be done in response to COVID-19? And what should be avoided?
  • Medium-term: What needs to be front of mind for the 6-12 month timeframe? What role will the virtual branch play?
  • Long term: How has this accelerated and altered digital transformation?

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Andy Hart
Simon Ronald
Greg Copley