• Go into an existing kiosk and info page and copy the c:\acf package folder to a backup drive.

  • Make Note of Q-Flow device manager information (Server URL, Username, Password)

Windows 10 FAQ Index

Download the ACF Windows 10 FAQ Guide

Download the ACF Windows 10 FAQ Guide

Autologin Fails

PC ADMIN REQUIRED: Auto login will need to be setup again after the windows 10 migration.  You will use the windows credentials for the PC. Go into c:\acf package\Support applications\SysternalsSuite\ and run autologin.exe. 

It will ask for the username and password.

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Printer Issues

You should be installing the Zebra KR203 .98 version printer driver it can be found in the ACF Package/Drivers/Kiosks/Olea.  We’ve seen a few isolated incidents where this driver “hangs up” sometimes so what you have to do if you can’t get the device to appear under printers in devices and printers is go into the windows device manager and uninstall the printer from there making sure to leave the driver files in place when the check box comes up (This can take some extreme time).  And then unplug and re-plug the USB cable for the printer and the PC should recognize the printer and load.

Make sure with the printer that the name in windows matches the name in Q-Flow under local name.  To check this login as an admin to Q-Flow.  Go to administration>organization>Organization tree drill down to the device manager you’re trying to connect to.  Go under the printer tab of that device manager, and click on the printer name.  From there you should see the local printer name in the fourth box down.  Make sure that matches in Windows under Device and Printers what’s in Q-Flow. 

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Touch Screen Unresponsive

PC ADMIN REQUIRED: You will need to go into the PC attached to the kiosk and run the Calibration tool for your specific kiosk (ELO for KIS kiosks, UPDD for Olea Kiosks.) If the touch screen is still unresponsive you will need to unplug the touch panel’s USB cable from the PC and plug it back in and then try the calibration. If that doesn’t work you will need to remove the back cover off the kiosk monitor and check the control board to verify that you have a control board that is compatible with Windows 10.  If the version on the control board is not R1G at the end then the control board will need to be upgraded.  You will need to reach out to ACF support to facilitate the upgrade. 

Control board upgrades will have to be approved through our sales dept.

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Missing Q-Flow Device Manager login info

To recover the Q-Flow device manager login info you’ll log into the Q-Flow web interface as an admin and go to administration > organization > organization tree and drill down to the device manager you’re trying to connect to.  Then scroll to the bottom of the details page and you should see the user name there.  Right below the user name is a password section if you need to reset the password.  When we leave a site the default device manager password is 1234.

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Object Reference not Set to an Instance of an Object Error

This error can come up when the device manager is not “cleanly” exited.  To resolve this you go into c:\users\[WINDOWS USER NAME]\appdata\local\Q-nomy_Inc and delete all the contents from that folder.  You’ll then need to restart the Q-Flow device manager and enter your server details and username and password for that particular device manager.

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No Audio/Garbled Audio

PC ADMIN REQUIRED: Install the updated display drivers included in the package and that should resolve the issue.

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Windows 10 Driver Downloads

  • Zebra Printer Drivers

  • Olea Touch Screen Drivers

  • Intel Audio Drivers (Dell 3040/3050)

  • Bar Code Scanner Fonts

  • Q-Flow 5.8 Device Manager (Service)

  • Q-Flow 5.8 Device Manager (Windows)


If any assistance is needed with installing our drivers, please contact our support department at 828-398-0040 option 1.