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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing: Appointment Scheduling Software

Your customers get hooked. It’s not always possible to predict, in the tender RFP phase, how core appointment booking can become to your business.

You can transform the way your business operates – from non-scheduled to having revenue driven by appointments! So be aware, if you don’t pick the right supplier you may have to go cold-turkey halfway through and that isn’t just bad for your business: it’s bad for your customers, their experience of your company and, ultimately, your bottom line!

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Why Q-Flow?

Q-Flow is the core platform that powers our suite of next-generation customer experience and queue management solutions. This comprehensive software empowers businesses to seamlessly manage and optimize omnichannel customer journeys and streamline back-office processes.


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Real-time video calls with Assistant Anywhere

Assistant Anywhere delivers a more personalised digital experience to your customers. It empowers your employees to deliver better service, improve customer engagement, shorten the sales process, and lower costs. It’s also incredibly easy to deploy. See how Assistant Anywhere brings the customer right to you – watch our short video.

What our customers say

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YBS Customer Quote

The solution provided by ACF completely overhauled our appointment booking system. The integration was seamless, its real-time service and ability to be managed remotely for multiple locations is fantastic, and its intuitive and flexible design means customers can quickly and easily get the appointments they need, where and when they need it at the touch of a button. Ultimately the solution has made us much easier and efficient to do business with.

Linzi Piper, Operational Improvement Manager, Direct Mortgages
Yorkshire Building Society
2023 TIGO, Purchasing appointment scheduling EN1
TIGO Customer Quote

By implementing Q-Flow we were able to reduce waiting time by 45%, increase productivity per store by 85%, and staff occupancy does not drop below 95%. Q-Flow is the basis for any report or study that is required on the operation of the company.

Marcos Mérida, Client Operations Manager
Tigo Guatemala

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