Four things you can do to demonstrate you value your customer’s time

In a fast-paced era of emerging technologies, it's easy to lose sight of customer expectations. However, while you're neck and neck with the competition, in the race to create a superior experience, customers are simply looking for ways to save time.

There are numerous ways to improve efficiency. However, before you get too caught up in the lure of emerging technologies, how about some of the immediate steps you can take to improve customer experience? Things like online forms, customer surveys and document upload solutions. And how these relatively simple solutions play a vital role in your customer experience strategy.

The trick is to strike a balance between efficiency and experience. To create a customer-centric strategy that takes into account differing customer needs and wants, while still keeping them engaged with your brand.

So, what can your organisation do right now to recognise the value of your customers' time?

Let’s look at  4 scenarios...

1. Pre-Service

Strategy - Document upload & collecting information:

If your customers can book appointments to meet with your staff, whether physically, on the phone or virtually – you can collect useful information from the customer before the appointment. Requesting customers to upload specific documents before an appointment helps streamline customer visits. Agents can review and verify documentation ahead of an appointment, ensuring all documentation is in order and that the interaction is handled professionally.

2. During service

Strategy - Electronic form submission:

Occasionally, there is the need for customers to complete additional documentation. Rather than ask them to step aside and complete a paper form, send them a link to an electronic form they can submit on their mobile device. Or direct them to a kiosk where they can complete and submit the form. When the form is submitted, the customer immediately re-enters the service queue and is next in line for an agent – electronic forms ensure a more efficient (and eco-friendly) process.

3. Post-Appointment

Strategy - Surveying & follow-up:

Instead of surveying customers on the spot, you can send them a survey they can complete at a time that suits them via channels like SMS, email, Push Notifications etc. The key to surveying that we’ve found is:

  • Avoid asking too many questions. Asking fewer questions improves the likelihood of completion.

  • Ensure you ask the right questions. Tailor your surveys & questions based on the service the customer received.

4. Multi-step engagements

Strategy - Document management:

When you have multiple step engagements with customers, utilising an online form system can be a more efficient way to manage documentation. Giving ease of access to the agents and the ability to handle multiple documents across a longer time span of engagements.

Why is it important to adopt these strategies?

Let’s face it, time is becoming more and more precious to us all. If your organisation isn’t finding ways to optimise your customer experience and be more respectful of customers time, then they will look elsewhere. It sounds a bit doom and gloom, but I do believe this to be the case.

We are seeing a trend of customers buying solutions that not only enhance their experience but optimise that journey too.

If your organisation is looking to create a more efficient journey for your customers, it's worth starting with technologies like Online Forms, Surveys, Document Uploads.

We do hope this article has helped. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments – we would love to hear your thoughts.