Promerica Bank El Salvador Redefines Customer Experiences Using Q-Flow

ABOUT Banco Promerica

Promerica Bank started operations in El Salvador on January 12, 1996, and was founded thanks to the contribution and strong support of visionary shareholders who believe in the well-being and development of El Salvador and the region.

Today, Promerica Bank El Salvador is known for its innovative products, high-quality service, extended hours, and attention from Monday to Sunday. Supported by innovation and constant strengthening of its customer service culture, Promerica Bank El Salvador continues to strengthen its commitment and growth by 2021.

Promerica Group has 29 years in the regional financial market, consists of 9 banks in Latin America, and has more than 200 international offices.


Promerica Bank El Salvador focuses on maintaining a permanent understanding in the communities they serve, developing lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

Supported by innovation and constant strengthening of its customer service culture, Promerica Bank El Salvador continues to strengthen its commitment to the development of each client, company, and project by pushing their limits and helping them to grow.

Promerica Bank El Salvador is part of Promerica Group, which provides service in 9 countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic.


The Challenge

Promerica Bank El Salvador relies on a single wait line system for the attention of regular clients and an additional line for the care of the elderly, pregnant, and special needs individuals.

Being aware of the high volume of customers and daily transactions, where manual processes were no longer an option because of the negative impact on the customer and contributor experience; Promerica Bank was eager to find a solution to optimize the performance of its agencies and ensure that its customer service was of the best possible quality.

The Solution

In their evaluation process, Promerica Bank El Salvador decided that Q-Flow was their best option because of its adaptability to the needs of their business, for its excellent technical and service support scheme, and for having the possibility to expand the offer of services to other products related to the user experience.

Q-Flow allows the bank to centralize the management of agencies and collaborators, having control of the number of customers served, service and wait times, and organization productivity, among others. In addition, the bank integrates databases with Q-Flow to identify its customers, allowing them to print a ticket with their first and last name, using a card reader, or entering an identification number on the receiving kiosk. At the same time, they use the screens as digital signage to advertise next shifts, take care of shifts, and display advertising information for customers while they wait.


The Results:

With the implementation of Q-Flow, Promerica Bank El Salvador achieved improvement in the productivity of employees, in addition to having the ability to segment and guide referrals of business processes, such as automatic charges, insurance, or pre-approved credits.

  • The change from a single-row model allows customers to wait comfortably

  • By focusing the teams and having measurement schemes, the productivity of more than 10% per collaborator was achieved

  • It was possible to establish a referral scheme from the teller area to the business area (Customer Service), increasing sales

  • Allows a segmentation of clients for attention and an offer of differentiated services

  • Average wait time by customers has been significantly reduced



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With the implementation of Q-Flow throughout our agencies, we now have control and continuous information to improve processes resulting in an overall greater speed and quality of our customer experiences.
Isaac Portillo, Assistant Manager of Banking
Bank Promerica, El Salvador