Customer Experience Management for Retail

Stand out from the competition, satisfy more customers and drive sales

Our Retail offerings eliminate lines, prioritize individuals, provide targeted sales information by customer and provide online transactions.

ACF Customer Flow Management Solutions for Retail

ACF Customer Flow Management Solutions for Retail

Reduce customer wait time

  • Automate the flow of appointment vs. walk-in traffic through custom rules and settings

  • Allow customers to sign up for multiple services and assigning them to the shortest queues first

  • Provide current wait times on your website for all branch locations

  • Display informational videos and public service announcements on TV screens

  • Print Tickets with position in line, reminders, advertisements, or important instructions

Improve Productivity

ACF software allows your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. We can help improve productivity by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary steps for your agents such as creating appointments or maintaining a sign in sheet.

  • Automating workflow for quicker transfers and process completion

  • Electronically notifying management or staff immediately when their assistance is required.

  • Decreasing duplicate entry by integrating with other 3rd party software

  • Providing enterprise ready software without the need for proprietary hardware

ACF Customer Flow Management Solutions for Retail

“Q-Flow is one of our primary systems for customer service across stores, call centers, and front-line support. Partnering with ACF has enabled us to meet our regional needs and deliver a superior experience to CLARO customers across LATAM.”
— Guadalupe Avelar, Head of Quality and Commercial Support