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Watch our case study about how ACF helped the NHS schedule over 100 million vaccine appointments on the Q-Flow platform. 

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Vaccinating a Nation

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the UK in 2020, the NHS needed a way of testing for the virus. The cases were rising and when a method of testing was developed, the logistics were still missing.

ACF Technologies and Deloitte quickly created a booking system for the testing process. People could safely book appointments online and show up to their tests without the risk of unnecessary queuing.



Back in early 2020, no-one could have envisaged that we were about to design and create a system of this scale in such a short timeframe, so we’re immensely proud that the National Booking Service has enabled millions of people to book their jabs quickly and easily…The fact that it’s now being used for flu vaccinations is not only testament to its success, but also a great example of existing digital services being adapted and enhanced to meet the needs of patients.
Helen Clifton, Executive Director of Product Delivery
NHS England
Ohio BMV Q-Flow
Feedback from staff and patients has been excellent. Patients have noted a real reduction in waiting times and better organisation.
Steve Davidson, Service Manager, Haemostatis & Thrombosis Services
Nottingham University Hospitals

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