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Appointment booking made easy

Your customers want hassle-free appointment booking software that puts them in control of their time.

You want to make the process of booking and managing appointments as painless as possible for your customers and your staff.

Q-Flow – our industry-leading appointment scheduling software – makes it happen.

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Reduce to zero your no shows

Q-Flow actively monitors the flow of customers to reduce appointment cancellation rates, notifying them when waiting time increases or if a space opens for another hour. This level of automation eliminates unnecessary tasks, improves attention time, operational efficiency and reduces the load on your workers, which results in better resource planning and lower operating costs.

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Empower your customers to take control of their time

Make it easy for your customers to schedule, track, and rearrange their appointments with your organization on any device. 

It empowers them to book an appointment when it best suits them without ever having to worry about sitting on hold. 

Plus, they can reschedule their appointment with just a few clicks and our system will send them automatic appointment reminders – and even alert them if a preferred time slot becomes available. 

Automate your appointment management

Alongside queue management, our appointment booking software gives you insights into appointment scheduling patterns, allowing you to improve the customer experience by preventing long delays. 

Customer alerts remind customers of their appointment – reducing no-show rates – and warn them about any delays, helping to manage wait time expectations. 

Automating these tasks lowers your operating costs and frees your staff up to focus on their most important work.

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Our appointment booking software’s key features


Set and forget working hours, blocked periods, minimum notice times, and the maximum number of appointments per slot.


Your customers will never be caught up in long waits or forget about an appointment again.


Automate the entire customer journey, from when the appointment is made to when they check-in on-site.

Powerful API

Q-Flow’s API makes it easy to plug its powerful appointment scheduling system straight into existing mobile apps, web pages, and internal applications.

Seamless Integration

Our system integrates with customer record software for pre-registration and appointment qualification.


Our software slots straight into your existing website and applications and can be branded with your company details.


Appointment Scheduling: Your guide to virtual appointments

Discover what appointment scheduling software can do, the benefits it could bring to your business, and whether it’s right for your organization.

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How we do it

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Personalized solutions
With our extensive calendar configuration options, we can customize an appointment management system to match your business’s unique requirements. Appointments are generated in real-time, based on the availability of staff, resources, and operating hours.
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Appointment notifications

Once an appointment is confirmed, employees can view its real-time status, including cancellations, late check-ins, and early birds. Staff can also enter notes straight into the system, creating a comprehensive record of the event.

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Enhance customer interactions

Automatically send or request documents and customer details, as well suggest follow-up appointments or send feedback surveys throughout the customer journey.

Setup options

ACF offers Appointment Scheduling solutions in a variety of network models to fit your budgetary, IT infrastructure, and overall business needs.


Your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

Cloud Hosted

Secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.


Off-network and only accessed through direct connections.


2023 ACF Booking West Northampton Council Logo ENGB

The overall customer satisfaction was superb, as we were able to reduce waiting times dramatically. We used Q-Flow for our drop in service once the appointments were implemented and this had the greatest impact on service delivery, as we could successfully inform customers of the delays expected and spread the footfall throughout the day. The team were under less pressure which made a much better working environment and we could successfully plan resources accordingly. The Q-Flow system had proved to be totally stable and reliable as we have had zero down time since the implementation several years ago.

Ken McAlindon, Customer Service Team Leader
West Northampton Council
2023 ACF Booking Yorkshire Building Society Logo ENGB

The solution provided by ACF completely overhauled our appointment booking system. The integration was seamless, its real-time service and ability to be managed remotely for multiple locations is fantastic, and its intuitive and flexible design means customers can quickly and easily get the appointments they need, where and when they need it at the touch of a button. Ultimately the solution has made us much easier and efficient to do business with.

Linzi Piper, Operational Improvement Manager, Direct Mortgages
Yorkshire Building Society

Trusted Reviews

Andreas S 5 star review
5 star rating

Great platform to meet business needs

"I like the simplicity of the program. It is easy and fast to use. The platform collects very useful data. I like its features. The tool offers an excellent experience. Offer an excellent customer experience."

JULY 14, 2023
G2 Review
Ashwini K 5 Star Review
5 star rating

Nice platform to use and communicate

"We can manage our time efficiently and the ability to control the system is fantastic. Q-Flow have provided more than previous offered us. The Q-Flow work really very fast and smooth."

JUNE 15, 2023
G2 Review
Lourdes Maria Z. 5 Star Review
5 star rating

Excellent service

"Management of queues at points of care. Measurement, control and improvement of waiting and in-service times."

FEB 18, 2022
G2 Review

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