Business Process Management (BPM)

Your all-in-one solution to orchestrating processes across your entire organization

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Our business process management software is an automation platform that lets you orchestrate processes across multiple information systems using task-management and BPM communication tools.

The Business Process Management module helps you manage complex service processes that integrate customer flow optimization and back-office automation. Our software helps with project management, automated workflows, and repetitive processes that cover all aspects of the day-to-day business or administrative tasks of the business.

The solution links systems, involves staff, and engages customers. It acts as an enterprise middleware: seamlessly transferring processes between different business units, streamlining the workflow, enforcing business rules and ensuring unresolved cases are not forgotten. Reports and alerts guarantee managers of all levels stay on top of their goals and KPIs.

ACF Technologies Workflow Automation Screen

Key Features

Optimize customer service and case processes
Digital Channels Processes Automation
Improve the speed and quality of service-related processes
Event Scheduling through advanced calendar
Single software management of all processes across the entire organization
Complete flexibility to match any business requirement

How we do it

Automation graph of ACF Technologies workflow

Set up and run workflow automation procedures while setting expiration dates (SLAs) and different conditions based on classifications. Provide agents with the option of integrating pre-scheduled appointments into the process, as well as scheduling future meetings that will take the workflow process into the future.

ACF Technologies Process Evolution Graph

Processes using workflow procedures can give an absolute priority value that determines the order they will be served, compared to other cases in the queue. Alert notifications inform users and managers about exceptional events such as issues waiting too long for resolution, new high-priority tasks, SLA breaches, and so forth.

Several graphics simulating the ACF Technologies software follow-up screen

Manager interface allows viewing online reports and statistics, drilling down to see more detail and analysis, individual performance, and department throughput monitoring.

Setup options

ACF offers Business Process Management software that fits your budgetary, IT infrastructure, and overall business needs.


Your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

Cloud Hosted

Secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.


Off-network and only accessed through direct connections.


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With the implementation of BPM we managed to have a 360 ° view of the business, connecting all the agency, call center and BO areas, measuring and controlling better service and response times.

Regina Bennett, Regional Customer Service Manager

Global Offices