In-Store Event Booking Software

Increase footfall in your retail store with an easy-to-use event booking software

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Create and invite customers to events of all types and scales with the ACF Event Booking Solution. Bring your customers closer to physical stores by offering events around your latest products, services and offerings.

Our customer engagement tools allow you to create personalised events by topic, brand, promotion, product or any other topic your company is interested in promoting. It also provides beautifully branded websites and invitations to reinforce your brand.

Our event booking software offers an intuitive user interface making it easy to create and deploy new events. Using mobile devices, your staff can quickly check-in customers at an event while in-app notifications and communications via email and text give you the ability to communicate vital event information and promotions to attendees.

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The Event Booking Solution you have been looking for

ACF Technologies' event booking solution goes beyond simply providing an online registration experience for customers. The event management tool makes organizing and running events a breeze. Your team will be able to effortlessly create and cancel events, as well as handle ticketing and attendee management.

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Build a community around your store

Brand communities are mutually beneficial relationships between brands and customers. These social groups increase customer loyalty, provide valuable feedback, and contribute to the brand-building process. Invite your loyal customers to VIP events with exclusive offers and make your customers feel valued. 

Communities are not just about customers but also your employees. With our in-store event booking software, you can organise corporate events and encourage team spirit. 

Increase customer engagement

Create classes and tutorials to attract existing and new customers to your product or service. Whether you are a bank looking to improve the financial literacy of your clients by organising a workshop or a beauty retailer introducing new skincare ingredients in online webinars, customers are eager to learn new things. 

While we cannot educate your customers, we can help facilitate the learning opportunity and bring customers to your store with our in-store event booking software. 

 Four women taking a face-to-face class in the teacher's workshop

Key Features

Automated event creation with a simple interface
Easy-to-use tablet or phone staff screens for checking customers in
Automatic communications via email, SMS or push notifications
Quickly create and promote your events, even on the same day
Free tickets or take payments for your event, single or group bookings
Manage and track your event success and revenues with real-time reporting

How we do it

Unique event management tool is built on industry-leading technology

Our unique event management tool is built on industry-leading technology that empowers organizations to create events immediately in response to customer needs and demands.

The system works perfectly alongside other retail software solutions

The system works perfectly alongside other retail software solutions or banking and finance software solutions, giving these two industries a powerful, yet flexible, tool to better engage with VIP clients.

Create and promote events

Easily create and promote events, even on the same day, and gain valuable insights at every step.

Setup options

ACF offers two network models for Event Booking to fit your budgetary, IT infrastructure, and overall business needs.


Your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

Cloud Hosted

Secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.


Off-network and only accessed through direct connections.



With the implementation of BPM we managed to have a 360 ° view of the business, connecting all the agency, call center and BO areas, measuring and controlling better service and response times.

Regina Bennett, Regional Customer Service Manager

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