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Assistant Anywhere | Video Appointment Scheduling Software, built on the Q-Flow® platform empowers customers and patients to have their consultation or appointment remotely through video via mobile and web app, wherever and whenever it suits them. Our video appointment solution gives your customers the real-time experience they’ve been looking for.

Our software improves efficiency across your organization by connecting patients and customers with your staff from anywhere in the world – not just their local branch.  

And by personalizing the digital interaction between your customers and staff, your organisation can increase overall staff productivity, reduce cost-per-interaction, and shift customers to a more efficient engagement channel.

Assistant Anywhere empowers your employees to deliver a more streamlined service at your customer and patients’ convenience – all while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

For customers, Assistant Anywhere | Video Appointment Scheduling Software puts an end to uncomfortable and inconvenient waits in a crowded lobby. They join an end-to-end encrypted virtual waiting room where you can notify them shortly before their appointment.

Example of solutions for Video conferencing, Incoming call from George Mapels

Real-time video calls with Assistant Anywhere

Our Video Appointment Scheduling Software solution helps organizations meet the increasing demand for virtual appointments, connecting customers, patients, and medical staff faster and more personally through secure, live, interactive video sessions. You can watch our short video: see how Assistant Anywhere brings the customer right to you.

Telemedicine Software

Virtual care by Video Appointment Scheduling Software is a Q-Flow module that manages telemedicine appointments and manages the patient's journey through remote care management or consultations. This option is ideal when the patient needs the advice of a medical specialist who is far away, when the evaluation must be done remotely due to a condition that prevents attending a hospital or clinic in person, or when a patient is highly contagious.

Your operation should offer patients a visit that is effortless, efficient and pleasant. You can achieve this by combining solutions like telemedicine, virtual queuing and real-time video to work in unison to benefit both patients and healthcare workers.

Example of software for telemedicine solutions, incoming call from Dr. Angela Jones
Example of digital solutions for large and small businesses, video call between the person in charge of making the dresses and the client

Live Shopping

Live shopping is a great opportunity to bring your customers closer to your stores from anywhere in the world.

From delivering product demonstrations and answering customer enquiries via video to completing complex and high-involvement purchases, live shopping delivers a highly personalised omnichannel customer experience.

With our video appointment scheduling software, customers can book a video consultation with a specialist with no geographical limitations. 

Video Banking

Video banking was thought to be a short-lived trend during the pandemic but nothing could be further from the truth. With Assistant Anywhere, you can securely speak to your clients via video anytime and anywhere.

Financial products, mortgages and loans, can be a stressful burden to your customers, and complex online user journeys often leave them frustrated and worried. 

Instead, having a video appointment scheduling software that allows your clients to book a video call with a dedicated member of staff not only creates trust but builds long-term loyalty. 

Solutions for remote service by video call, Jane Smith calls you

Key features of our virtual appointment software


Respond to the changing expectations of today’s customers and patients by taking your consultations online


Manage your lobby’s capacity by offering remote consultations to those who’d prefer them


Empower customers and patients to attend appointments wherever and whenever it suits them


Connect medical  staff and patients faster through a service that’s been tailored to meet their needs


Seamlessly integrate remote and in-person consultations across your entire organization for a streamlined customer experience


Remove the cost barriers to remote appointments  with Video Appointment Scheduling Software and increase productivity across your organization

How we do it

Once you're ready to see your customer, they’ll receive a message detailing the next steps. If the appointment is virtual, you can send a secure link to an end-to-end encrypted virtual meeting room.

Heather's notification to Mike remembering their appointment ENGB
Check-in Anywhere

Check-in Anywhere allows customers to avoid an uncomfortable wait in a crowded waiting room. 

They can check in to their in-person appointment when they’re nearby and then wait for a notification that their appointment is available wherever suits them – whether that’s their car, a nearby cafe, or a park bench.

Message notification announcing that you are in the following way in the queue ENGB
Wait Anywhere

When your customer schedules an appointment, they instantly receive a confirmation message that includes the date and time of their session and the name of the person they will see. If the customer is late for their appointment, they can request to join an online queue for the next free slot – not slowing down your operations.

Simulation of a video call from the Assistant Anywhere application ENGB
Assistant Anywhere

Once you're ready to see your customer, they’ll receive a message detailing the next steps. If the appointment is virtual, you can send a link for a secure, live and encrypted virtual meeting room.

White Paper

How to Connect with Customers Anywhere

Connect customers, patients, and medical staff faster and more conveniently than ever before, and keep business running while maintaining social distancing measures.

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Setup options

ACF offers Videocall Solutions in a variety of network models to fit your monetary, IT, and overall business needs:


Your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

Cloud Hosted

Secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.


Off-network and only accessed through direct connections.


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At Davivienda we are convinced to offer our clients simple, friendly and reliable experiences, that is why we are constantly innovating, supported by technology, as a valuable enabler, which gives us the opportunity to develop new digital experiences.

Eurípides Cálix, Director of Operations and Technology
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We continue to advance in the implementation of solutions and digital process models that are easily accessible to our customers and users. Suppliers are an important part of the value chain. Teaming up with ACF Technologies has allowed us to co-create and make innovations come true, with an impact on the customer experience, such as the recent Virtual Executive service

Henry Barahona, Strategy and Process Manager

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