ACF Technologies Improves Customer Experience for +30 MM Customers

A subsidiary of América Móvil, Claro prides itself as a leading telecommunication company, providing telecom services throughout Latin America. A company born from the 2003 merger of several operators owned by América Móvil, Claro has since committed to providing customers throughout 18 countries with state-of-the-art products and services related to television, cellular networks, and broadband internet access.  

The Challenge

Shortly after the merger, Claro was on a mission to improve the efficiency of its processes in one primary area—replacing 243 outdated service centers in El Salvador and Guatemala.

In replacing these centers, critical updates in the form of ACF software would need to be made to overall process and flow management, creating streamlined operations at a regional level. As a result of this software upgrade, Claro would be better equipped to provide enhanced service to its over 30 million users throughout Latin America.

The Solution

The outdated service centers in two of Claro’s active service areas led to inefficiencies throughout the entirety of the region in which it caters. By improving the efficiency of each center, Claro will be poised to improve customer satisfaction in several ways:

Through improved reporting, service center personnel enact a more productive workflow. With this workflow in place, Claro’s customers will experience increased response time for both general and emergency inquiries.

By implementing an Auto-Flow module, customer service and sales representatives will streamline operations across all centers, ensuring unified interactions with both new and existing customers.

Both real-time and historical reporting equip Claro staff with the information needed to provide consistent and enhanced services to their customer base across the entire region.

By automating, executing, and monitoring processes from start to finish, the operations of Claro will be streamlined across all centers, and customers will benefit from a better understanding of Claro’s processes and systems. In the short term, customer satisfaction ratings will improve. In the long term, Claro will experience an impressive return on investment driven by enhanced productivity and organizational efficiencies.

The Result

These solutions were felt beyond the initial goal of 243 service centers. Rather, 287 service centers and 5 call centers through 5 regional corporate areas gained access to and benefit from ACF process automation and flow management software.

In addition to the successful implementation in multiple service centers, call centers, and regional corporate areas, Claro, with the assistance of ACF, centralized management across all centers, managers, supervisors, and agents. That means streamlined processes for staff and efficient services for customers in multiple ways:

  • Proper reporting metrics provide customers with detailed and accurate responses to inquiries and concerns, all done in a more efficient and effective manner.
  • New and existing customers benefit from minimized discrepancies among not only their local service center, but also within interactions across the entire company. 
  • Customer service and sales representatives are now able to provide shorter wait times during both in-person service center visits and customer service phone interactions.

Claro customers now have complete and unlimited access to comprehensive web-based user interfaces that are easy to use and linked to contextual online help pages. This comprehensive and convenient online access reduces both call volume as well as time and resource consuming the need for visits to local service centers.

Q-Flow is one of our primary systems for customer service across stores, call centers, and front-line support. Partnering with ACF has enabled us to meet our regional needs and deliver a superior experience to CLARO customers across LATAM.

— Guadalupe Avelar, Head of Quality and Commercial Support