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Refund/Return Policy– Software

Due to the complex and specific nature of our solutions, ACF Technologies (“ACF”) does not offer returns and/or refunds for services and products provided. However, each ACF quoted solution includes a line item for support and warranty of our products. ACF stands behind our work and our products and will make all reasonable efforts to meet customer requirements. Any requests, complaints, or questions regarding a refund, return, or replacement of ACF products outside of the initial warranty scope should be directed to acfinfo@acftechnologies.com or call us at 828-398-0040.

RMA Returns Policy and Procedures

In the event of a hardware failure, please contact ACF Technologies, Inc. (“ACF”) to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. If the Customer has an active Hardware Maintenance Plan with ACF, then ACF will provide replacement part(s) to the Customer in accordance with the plan as described in the ACF SLA (Support Level Agreement).

Please note: Excluded from coverage are acts of nature, acts of war and terrorism, criminal acts, and Customer damage and/or negligence.

All returned hardware must have a valid ACF RMA number. This number is necessary to ensure proper tracking and handling of returned material to ACF or a necessary third-party vendor. Do not return any hardware until RMA is issued. ACF reserves the right to refuse shipments that do not have an ACF authorized RMA number. Refused shipments will be returned to the Customer via collect freight.

All returned hardware must be properly packaged by the Customer so that there is no additional damage during transit (i.e. bubble wrap, foam, etc.). Any return that is not properly packaged is subject to a restocking fee or rejection. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee of the item’s commercial cost.

If ACF sends the Customer replacement hardware prior to a receipt of RMA return, this policy requires that the Customer return the defective hardware to ACF within 30 business days (unless additional transit time is required and authorized by ACF) of receipt of the replacement unit or they will be billed at the full purchase price. Replacement hardware will be of equal or greater value.

Any claims filed for hardware units that fail (and are not under a maintenance contract) will fall under manufacture warranty and will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of ACF.

For hardware that is considered DOA (Dead on Arrival) within the first thirty (30) days from the shipment date, ACF will provide an expedited replacement of the unit of equal or greater value. Defective hardware must be shipped back to ACF via RMA within 30 days after ACF replacement hardware is delivered, or the Customer will be invoiced the full purchase price of a replacement part (unless additional transit time is required and authorized by ACF). ACF Support can assist Customers in facilitating the return of a defective DOA unit. Please do not send the hardware back to ACF unless instructed by an ACF representative.

Please do not return any hardware to ACF without a valid and authorized RMA number.

When requesting an RMA, please contact ACF Support support@acftechnologies.com and provide the following information:


  • Product model number/serial number for defective hardware
  • Customer ship-to address
  • Description of failure and troubleshooting performed to isolate the cause
  • Contact Name, phone number, and email

Transaction Currency

Unless otherwise specified, all currency transactions for ACF related products or services are in United States Dollars (USD). To pay an invoice via check, money order, or other non-electronic forms, please remit payments to:

ACF Technologies, Inc.
Attn: Finance
64 Peachtree Road
Suite 201
Asheville, NC 28803

ACH Information

To make a payment using a credit card or if you’re requesting ACH information, please contact our headquarters at (828) 398-0040 x802 or email the finance department at finance@acftechnologies.com

Third-Party Terms and Conditions

Customer acknowledges that ACF’s use of third-party SMS services may be subject to terms and conditions imposed by those providers, which may be modified by such providers from time to time. Customer agrees that ACF may modify the terms and conditions relating to SMS usage as deemed reasonably necessary by ACF to maintain consistency with provider’s terms and conditions. Customer acknowledges that it may not, and ACF may not on behalf of Customer, be permitted to use the SMS services provided unless Customer accepts the modifications. In connection with ACF’s use of SMS services on behalf of Customer, Customer authorizes ACF to act as its agent for the limited purpose of binding Customer to the terms and conditions. As of the Effective Date, the applicable terms of service are available at:

Paper Orders

If you are placing a paper order with us, please contact reception at (828) 398-0040 x100 or paper@acftechnologies.com

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