Leading UK Building Society Adopts Video Call Appointments

Case Study

As one of the largest building societies in the UK, our client faced the challenge of adapting to evolving customer expectations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With a commitment to delivering exceptional personalized service, the building society sought to modernize its mortgage and financial services departments. Recognizing the importance of maintaining the personal touch of face-to-face meetings while accommodating changing customer preferences and the rise of remote work, the building society aimed to introduce a new servicing channel: Video Call Appointments. Partnering with ACF Technologies, the building society embarked on a transformative journey to enhance customer experience and accessibility.

The Challenge

The building society encountered several challenges in its traditional appointment process for mortgage and financial services:

  1. Accessibility: With restrictions on in-person interactions, customers faced barriers in accessing mortgage and financial services, particularly those in remote areas or with mobility issues.
  2. Time Constraints and Scheduling Conflicts: The shift to remote work for staff members and customers alike led to scheduling conflicts and delays, impacting the ability to access timely financial advice and services.
  3. Changing Customer Preferences: Evolving customer preferences and lifestyles necessitated the adoption of digital solutions to provide convenient and efficient remote servicing options without compromising on personalization.

The Solution

To address these challenges and meet the evolving needs of its customers, the building society partnered with ACF Technologies to implement a Video Call Appointment Booking solution. This innovative solution aimed to:

Leading UK Building Society Adopts Video Call Appointments_ACFTechnologies_cs_en_2024 (3)

Maintain Personalized Service: Leveraging ACF Technologies' Video Call Platform, the building society ensured that customers could connect with mortgage and financial advisors remotely while preserving the personal touch and rapport of face-to-face meetings.

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Enhance Accessibility and Flexibility: The introduction of video call appointments provided customers with greater accessibility and flexibility, allowing them to access mortgage and financial services remotely from anywhere, at any time, including when staff members were working from home.


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Efficient Appointment Coordination: Staff members were trained and equipped to handle appointment bookings on behalf of customers, ensuring seamless coordination and scheduling of video call appointments without the need for physical branch visits.


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Ensure Security and Compliance: Robust security measures were implemented to safeguard customer data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements during video call appointments, maintaining the trust and confidentiality of customer information.



The Results

The implementation of the Video Call Appointment Booking solution yielded significant results for the building society:

  • Continued Personalization: Despite the transition to virtual appointments, the building society successfully maintained its personalized service, fostering trust and strengthening customer relationships in a remote setting.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The convenience and efficiency of video call appointments led to higher customer satisfaction rates, as customers appreciated the seamless and personalized service delivery offered by the building society.
  • Market Differentiation: The adoption of innovative video call technology positioned the building society as a leader in digital transformation, setting it apart from competitors and attracting new customers seeking convenient and personalized servicing options.

Overall, the successful implementation of the Video Call Appointment Booking solution underscored the building society's commitment to innovation and customer-centric service delivery, ensuring it remained a trusted partner for its customers in the digital age.

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