The Co-operative Bank updates Appointment Management system

Case Study

The Co-operative Bank, established in 1872, stands as one of the prominent banking institutions in the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to ethical banking practices and customer-centric services, the Bank has built a reputation for prioritising the needs and values of its customers. Offering a wide range of financial products and services, including current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and credit cards, The Co-operative Bank has established a network of over 50 branches across the UK. With a customer-focused approach at its core, the bank continually strives to enhance the banking experience for its customers while maintaining its ethos of ethical banking.

The Challenge

The Co-operative Bank had previously implemented a diary booking system to schedule customer appointments, taking the opportunity to engage a number of new suppliers to assess the range of options available.

Suppliers were invited to respond to a number of questions with regard to the services required by the Bank, including the options available to minimise inconvenience should migration from the existing system be required.


The Solution

After a rigorous evaluation process of the options available, ACF Technologies emerged as the partner most aligned to delivering the solution required by the bank, winning the tender to implement its enterprise-level appointment platform, Q-Flow.

The scope of the project involved the deployment of Q-Flow across all 50 branches of The Co-operative Bank and the Mortgage Operation teams. The primary objectives were to enhance the appointment booking process, improve customer experience, and optimise branch operations, whilst ensuring a smooth transition from the existing diary booking system. By leveraging the capabilities of Q-Flow The Co-operative Bank aimed to streamline appointment scheduling and provide a seamless and personalised banking experience for customers and colleagues.

The implementation of Q-Flow represented a strategic initiative by The Co-operative Bank to align its appointment management processes with modern technological advancements and customer expectations. The project underscored the bank's commitment to delivering exceptional banking services while upholding its values of transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

The Co-operative Bank's appointment management solution, powered by Q-Flow, offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of its extensive branch network. With Q-Flow, appointments are seamlessly segmented by types, enabling teams and individuals to manage real-time availability across the bank's network and for the different services offered. The platform hosts real-time appointment calendars for branch and team profiles, ensuring transparency and accessibility for bank staff when booking appointments for customers. Staff members' availability is easily inputted into the calendar, reflecting their contracted working hours and optimising appointment scheduling. Automated appointment communications enhance customer engagement, with bespoke confirmation emails detailing required documents and relevant information for each appointment type. Appointment reminders were strategically set up via email, reducing churn and ensuring a seamless customer experience. Q-Flow's scalability allows it to cater to hundreds of bank users, while robust reporting capabilities enable the recording and analysis of appointment outcomes and non-attendance reasons.

The platform's remote connectivity feature empowers users to manage appointments from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. With a high level of security and availability, Q-Flow safeguards sensitive appointment data, providing peace of mind to both the bank and its customers. In summary, The Co-operative Bank's implementation of Q-Flow represents a holistic solution that optimizes appointment management, enhances customer satisfaction, and drives operational excellence across its branch network with the plan to add additional efficiencies and features in the future.

The Results

The implementation of the appointment management solution met the bank’s desire to implement a new fit for purpose booking system and enhancing the overall customer experience. Some of the notable outcomes include:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: by introducing a streamlined appointment booking process The Co-operative Bank ensured customers could benefit from the convenience and efficiency of scheduling appointments.
  • Improved operational efficiency: adopting this appointment management solution enabled The Co-operative Bank to optimise operational processes. With better visibility into appointment schedules and staff availability using our advanced Staff Management solution, the bank is able to achieve higher levels of efficiency in managing customer appointments.
  • Competitive advantage: the successful implementation of the appointment management solution positioned The Co-operative Bank as a leader in customer-centric service delivery within the banking industry. By embracing innovative technology the bank differentiated itself from competitors.

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