ACF helps Jersey Telecom streamline CX for their flagship store

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Jersey Telecom (JT) operates in the Channel Islands and five other global locations. JT has over 130 years' experience in telecommunications and are dedicated to delivering world-class services. They are a full-service global consumer and business enterprise provider, with services covering domestic fixed lines (landlines) to leading-edge data hosting for the e-gaming industry.

JT contacted ACF Technologies with a request to implement an advanced customer flow management solution in their flagship store and integrate new processes due to the pandemic.

The Challenge

Albeit a relatively small operation, JT competes against the largest global telecoms, and therefore wished to have its flagship store visitors enjoy a high-end, unique experience. In line with JT brand values, they wanted a customer-centric solution, meaning:

  • No waiting in line or at counters; customers will be able to keep shopping and browsing merchandise until an agent sees them.
  • Making the interaction between customers and agents more natural.
  • Streamlining operations to reduce waiting time.
  • Offering virtual queuing, allowing customers to wait anywhere.


Young woman looking at her phone while waiting in a library

The Solution

ACF Technologies rose to the challenge and provided a total solution that met and exceeded the client's expectations.

ACF implemented a solution based on the company's flagship software platform Q-Flow®, which provided:

2023 ACF Jersey Telecom EN2


A friendly self-service kiosk for check-in.
2023 ACF Jersey Telecom EN3


Scan a QR code to allow the joining of a virtual queue.
2023 ACF Jersey Telecom EN4


Simplified mobile phone-based interface for agents, enabling quick and easy interaction with waiting customers.
2023 ACF Jersey Telecom EN5


Screens located around the store, featuring a uniquely innovative display supporting the customer experience.
2023 ACF Jersey Telecom EN6


The customer experience begins with the kiosk, where customers indicate their topic of interest, and provide their name.

Jersey telecom store, smartphones and tablets in a lobby

The solution allows JT store visitors to keep shopping and meet at designated store locations, instead of being called to the agent counters. Meeting locations are selected to match the visitor's interest, typically at or near the section of the store where a relevant product or information would be found. Agents can still meet customers at the counter if they expect to need access to their desktop applications.

Images of a tablet and computers display and digital signage screens

The displays around the store present each customer with the name and photo of the agent assigned to them. As meetings take place around the store, the photo helps customers spot the agent approaching them. These speed up the introduction, and create a more personal experience, which customers love.

caucasian male holding smartphone boxesFor agents, roaming the store was made easy by providing them access to Q-Flow operation from their
mobile phones. The mobile web app provided by ACF Technologies allows the agent to retrieve the next meeting
details – presenting the customer information and meeting location – and activates the display system.

The solution also allows multiple language support, making sure the customer is matched to an agent who can help them in the most efficient way.

The Virtual Queuing QR code allows a customer to follow a full booking process via their own mobile phone. Q-Flow keeps the customer updated via SMS and email on their queue position and when they need to return to the store and agent. This has been a valuable option during the recent pandemic and government guidelines changing regularly for the maximum occupancy of retail space whilst also giving the choice to a customer to wait in the store or an environment of their choice.

Jersey telecom's lobby interior, digital signage screen, smart watches

The Results

ACF Technologies’ solution was highly successful, and attained its goals:

  • A free-flowing customer service process, which supports – rather than disrupts – the shopping experience.
  • Agent-customer interaction taking place in a natural and personalized manner.
  • A streamlined operation, where customer waiting time (both actual and perceived) is shortened and made more pleasant.


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