Virtual Queuing System

Empower your customers to wait in line where it suits them with our virtual queuing system

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Streamline waiting times and transform the customer experience with our virtual queuing system. 

Empower your customers to join an online queue and wait in line where it suits them on their mobile device. They’ll get an alert when it’s their turn to be served so they can make their way to their appointment in comfort without having to worry about waiting in a crowded lobby. 

Our queue management system gives customers real-time data on their nearby branches’ waiting times, allowing them to book a slot at the location with the quickest turnaround. It then updates them on any delays to their appointment. 

This puts your customers in control so they can fit their appointment into their schedule and then get updates on their mobile wherever they go. 

It also allows your staff to track upcoming customer loads so they can prepare for busy periods, as well as reduce cost-per-interaction.

Simulations of different devices with the ACF solution of Digital Shifts

Virtual Queuing Solutions

Virtual queuing frees customers from pain points like standing in line for long periods of time as they wait for a service or product. It removes customers from the physical line by allowing them to queue remotely with a virtual queue management system that eliminates the need to be bound to any one location. The beauty is that it is compatible with any type of business from retail stores to healthcare facilities.

Key features of our virtual queuing system


Give customers the flexibility to wait in line anywhere on their mobile device


Empower your customers to book a slot at the branch with the lowest wait times


Give staff access to the data they need to prepare for upcoming customer loads, as well as reduce cost-per-interaction


Improve the customer experience by allowing customers to wait for their appointments wherever they want

Reduce lobby congestion

Say goodbye to crowded waiting rooms and uncomfortable customers

Receive status updates

Meet customer demand by giving them the option to queue remotely or on-site – whatever they prefer

How we do it

The platform allows you to see other locations where you can be attended
Virtual Ticket

Customers are empowered with real-time waiting times for the service they require at each nearby branch. They receive a virtual ticket for the location they want to visit and an estimated waiting time

Monitor your place online and receive automatic notifications
Virtual queue

Customers join the virtual queue. They can monitor their place in line on any device, and they receive an automated notification when their time slot is called

The client receives instructions where to go through notifications
Automated Notifications

Customers are alerted of expected wait times and when their time slot is called on their mobile device

Setup options

ACF offers network models for Virtual Queueing to fit your budgetary, IT infrastructure, and overall business needs.


Your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

Cloud Hosted

Secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.


Off-network and only accessed through direct connections.


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With this alternative (Virtual Queuing), we not only value the time of our clients, but we also broke down old systems and we are changing the culture of our people, who, for years have maintained the paradigm that to be served, they had to wait in long lines.

Henry Barahona, Strategy and Process Manager

Global Offices