How holding up customers is tarnishing your reputation... And what to do about it.

Today, it is a challenge for businesses to keep their customers loyal to their brand. The physical and digital worlds are full of offers, so it is easy for customers to switch from one solution to another if the first one is not what they expected or does not solve their problems. Ultimately, it is all about the Customer’s Experience and their satisfaction.

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Benefits of Q-Flow

Q-Flow was designed to deliver seamless omni-channel appointment scheduling solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. Our core appointment booking module allows you to optimize the on-site customer experience with smart appointment management solutions.


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Improve Customer Loyalty
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Allow Customers To Queue Anywhere
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Retail 5.0


With 75% of customers expecting an omnichannel experience and 59% of customers expecting on-demand, anywhere, anytime customer service, retailers need to act decisively and proactively if they’re to deliver the fast, connected, personalized experiences that customers demand. ACF Technologies is committed to helping your business provide exceptional experiences for your customers across the generations. 


What our customers say

2023 ACF Tigo EN
Tigo Guatemala Quote Image

By implementing Q-Flow we were able to reduce waiting time by 45%, increase productivity per store by 85%, and staff occupancy does not drop below 95%. Q-Flow is the basis for any report or study that is required on the operation of the company.

Marcos Mérida | Client Operations Manager
Tigo Guatemala
2023 ACF Banca Di Asti EN
Banca Di Asti Quote Image

Q-Flow has proven to be the right tool. It has contributed towards simplification of the sale process, allowing the branch staff to offer our customers more qualified and professional advice. Since its introduction, we have been able to recognize the benefits of using Q-Flow, and we are upgrading its use in more areas. Q-Flow features great flexibility and adapts perfectly to processes in the bank business.

Amedeo Falletto | HR and Administrative Director
Banca Di Asti

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