Customer Feedback

Capturing feedback from your customers is of utmost importance in your Customer Experience Management plan. ACF provides an intelligent feedback system that touches all aspects of the customer visit through our advanced software: SENSE Survey.

SENSE allows customers to provide information and organizes this information into an easy to analyze output. Armed with this valuable data, organizations are able to evaluate performance, follow up with customers and make
improvements as necessary.

key Features:

  • Multiple Feedback Input Options

  • Valuable Reporting Metrics

  • Anonymous or Personlized Responses

ACF Mobile Customer Survey

ACF Customer Survey Solutions

Customer Experience Feedback

ACF survey software provides your organization with the tools required to gather information about the complete Customer Experience. SENSE Survey is an interactive tool that gathers feedback on your organizations products, services, and people. As information is gathered, our software measures the quality of service and provides you with valuable metrics for improvement. ACF offers a different kind of survey tool that includes:

  • Customer and employee feedback

  • Translating quality indicators into quantitative data

  • Recording of service for quality control

  • Personal interaction upon receipt of feedback

  • No proprietary hardware requirement