We are not perfect, but we want to do the right thing. And we need to start somewhere.

Taking proactive sustainability actions

Leading the way with our UK office, we believe that delivering exceptional customer experiences extends to caring for the environment. From conversations with our customers and suppliers, it was evident there had to be proactive interventions to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. 

The first strategic decisions are certainly overwhelming. To make our sustainability efforts impactful, we shifted our focus to emission reduction and voluntary carbon offset of emissions that could not be further reduced.

Our commitment extends beyond the UK as we aim to implement this initiative across all offices in the US and Latin America, progressively working towards achieving our vision.

Actions to reduce emissions

Evolving how we work

Being a software company we have successfully shifted to a complete remote working model. This means we classify as a company with low carbon emissions, as we do not manufacture any physical goods. Additionally, where we can, we aim to reduce commuting and travel emissions through online communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, offering a fully remote deployment model.


Our solutions

We are collaborating with our internal R&D team to design and deliver solutions that reduce the environmental impact for the organisations that use our technologies. Examples can be seen below:

  • Eco-channel shifting Actively encouraging the utilisation of more environmentally friendly channels of service to our customers, for example video, telephone or chat.
  • Eco communications Informing our customers of the carbon footprint of each channel to allow them to make better-informed decisions.
  • Carbon offsetting Providing an in-built feature to allow our customers to offset the carbon emissions of their appointments.

Partnering with eco-conscious suppliers

Working with companies that are committed to the same vision is an integral part of our continued efforts.

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Azure, an industry leader, committed to helping businesses move forward on their sustainability journey.  


Compensating our emissions

In order to further tackle emissions we could not reduce, voluntary carbon offsets seemed to be the most reasonable route. We understand that carbon offsetting often receives criticism due to the insufficient scientific evidence of the efficacy of certain offsetting practices.

Despite the public scepticism, we believe it is useful to support projects that aim to innovate offsetting technologies and protect the environment.

We partnered with Lune which enabled us to choose a sensible project portfolio based on Oxford Offsetting Principles to ensure a credible and certified offset. This project bundle consisted of a combination of short-lived and long-lived carbon storage from emission reductions and carbon removals.

To view our certificate and see how we offset our carbon, visit this page here.

Keeping the conversation going

We believe that shared knowledge leads to greater impact. CX Insider Podcast speaks to leading companies who have gone through their sustainability journey and share their know-how with the audience.


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