Queue Management

A remarkable customer experience begins with active queue management. Our software allows customers to relax in a lobby style environment while targeting expertise to match their needs, and giving managers insight into operational effectiveness through real time visibility of customer service metrics.

Our queue management software does not require any proprietary hardware, offering customers extensive integration options and the ability to leverage advanced technologies. With options for on-premise or cloud hosted solutions, we provide clients unparalleled scalability and security.

Key Features:

lobby M portada 2.png
  • Self Service Check-In

  • Customer Verification

  • Automated Wait Time Alerts

  • Customer Tracking

  • Visual and Audible Customer Notification

  • Real Time and Historical Reports

Lobby Management

lobby M1.png

ACF software eliminates lines and creates a relaxed lobby environment. Providing a quick and straightforward check-in along with multimedia options to keep customers relaxed and well informed of their place in line. Essential elements of effective lobby management include:

  • Check-in available via self-serve kiosks, mobile devices, roaming greeters, or traditional receptionists

  • Customizable tickets in paper or smartphone form

  • Text/email alerts for customer convenience

  • Call forward through standard displays

Business Efficiency

ACF software improves operational efficiency through automation and simplification. Automatically targeting expertise to customer needs, maximizing resource allocation to minimize wait times, and generating real-time data needed for continuous operation improvement. We help improve efficiency through:

  • Easy to use web based interface with Toolbar option for serving customers

  • Automated organization and prioritization of customers

  • Integration with other software to eliminate duplicate entry and verification

  • Automated alerts/notifications for management and staff

  • Real Time Dashboards and Historical Reporting

Setup Options

ACF offers Queuing Solutions in a variety of network models to fit your monetary, IT, and overall business needs:

  • On-Site – Our software resides on your business servers (physical or virtual) and is accessed through your intranet.

  • Cloud Hosted – Our software resides on secured remote ACF servers and is accessed through the internet.

  • Standalone – Our software is off network and only accessed through direct connections.