3 Ways Automation Can Boost Your Sales Through Customer Experience

Can you guarantee that your test-drive process is flawless? That no potential sale drops through the cracks in your appointment scheduling software?

Is your system geared toward simplicity for your customers? Are your processes boosting productivity and efficiency in your team?

A happy customer is the best type of customer

ACF Technologies has developed intelligent software that allows the customer to not only book a test drive with ease – but from the comfort of their own home, with a myriad of options to arrange things how they want them.

With car dealerships always being such a hive of activity, grabbing a test-drive booking has often been a chore. People endure wasted time spent on hold, waiting for someone to answer. And when the connection is made, having to adapt their day to fit in a test drive is one of the only available slots.

They have never been the priority, until now.

Many hours have been spent finding a make and model that they are interested in. And now, with ACF Technologies' intuitive appointment booking system you have the first contact with prospective customers that puts THEM in the driving seat. By having an assistant anywhere, your sales team can concentrate on sales, instead of spending hours in queue management and a day packed with the needless admin.

Bringing the benefits to you – for your customers

It’s hassle-free. It’s quick and most importantly, customers will be able to choose a time that suits their hectic day. It will put the power back in their hands, which makes negotiating a sale much easier.

The advancements in booking a test drive are plentiful:

Solution Benefits
Schedule, track and change appts, on any device
  • Dropouts reduced
Auto appt reminders workforce time
  • Optimize
Auto queue management
  • More focus on core tasks
Insights into appt scheduling patterns
  • More key data for Sales Teams
Powerful API
  • Seamless integration

In a time where information is instant and at everyone’s fingertips, notifications are necessary. And with ACF Technologies appointment solutions, customers are given every piece of data they need.

Your online dealership – available always

Receiving notifications on the date, time, and location of a booked test drive is reassuring. They are also notified of what documents to bring, who they will speak to, and any potential promotions you may be able to offer them. Every step of the way is taken care of.

To make things even easier for your prospective customers, every notification is handled through Whatsapp – the go-to choice for messaging. Messages sent to customers will also offer instant, multiple-choice options for rapid replying and less confusion.

For those who have embraced the digital age and prefer to avoid external exposure? ACF Technologies can offer video appointments – face-to-face meetings with the right specialist on your team, whenever it suits the customer. This is as close to meeting in your showroom as you can get. Documents can be shared, options can be displayed and all information is transparent and above all, it keeps the customer informed. For more information, you can click here.

Simulation of video call through a screen between Violet Brooks and a client using ACF Technoligies software

Bringing clarity to the buying process

Where most customers fall away from the buying process is the finance options. Faced with a bewildering amount of numbers, which often aren’t well suited to their needs, leaves customers with no option but to look elsewhere.

Not only that, but your finance expert can’t be in two places simultaneously. ACF Technologies video software allows your business to locate the nearest available finance expert in your company, rather than the local branch. It means less wait time for your customers – and lower cost per interaction for your business. You ensure your customers are getting the key data they need while still being able to foster trust with face-to-face interaction.

The benefits of digitising the test-drive experience will mean optimising working hours. There is extra capacity for meeting with customers. These would-be customers also receive every piece of information direct to their handheld device, instantly. They will know that they are booked in, who they will be speaking to and what they need. No more apprehension, they will be prepared and above all, impressed.

By incorporating video into the financial aspect of your sales meetings with clients, you also reduce wait times for walk-ins. We have all felt the tension when your sales teams are furiously attempting to finish the task at hand while looking over at the waiting area and seeing people wait patiently and then walk away. It is a missed opportunity, but with Assistant Anywhere - those opportunities can be converted.

Allow your sales teams the chance to maximise their time at work. Without a digital approach, you are immediately losing out on a healthy portion of potential sales. And customers now expect these options when they visit a showroom. Your showroom exhibits the latest, cutting-edge technology in the automobile industry. Where every choice is catered for.

So why wouldn’t the test-drive process be the same?

See the difference with a demo

Most aspects of modern life can now be handled directly through your mobile phone. If a customer is looking to buy an innovative car that synchs with their phone and can automatically sense danger – can your first interactions with your customer be so antiquated?

Get off on the right foot with your customers. Give them every opportunity to book with your company, to get a taste of the wonders they can drive and sample. Overcome the hurdles of the modern-day panic of the pandemic with our video technology – so your customers can forge a bond and trust with your team.

Booking a test drive should be as easy as driving the car itself. Give your potential customers every option – and welcome many more by opening your working day digitally.
With instant notifications for customers, face-to-face video meetings, online sharing of documents, automatic insights for customer bookings, and many more benefits, your dealership will be better aligned to hit higher targets – and your customer experience will be even higher.

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