Optimizing Virtual Assistance in the Financial Sector

Throughout the world, the financial sector had an increase in funding that helped accelerate the response to the health emergency in developing countries. For the World Bank, the economic reactivation had the support of the banks, who granted grace periods for the payment of loans, but to achieve this they had to reduce their costs and digitize themselves to continue their operations, through virtual assistance. An analysis by Minsait Payments maintains that the trend of banks is to apply technologies based on robotic automation of processes or machine learning and to adopt a "Do it Yourself" method, which consists of pushing the client to be as autonomous as possible in their operations, through the implementation of biometrics, digital signature, elimination of paper, and through "omnichannel" or optimal service channels.

In Latin America, Banco Promerica and BAC Credomatic are clear examples of optimal, digitized financial services, with correct management of their financial users in physical branches. Exclusively, the director of operations of Promerica El Salvador, Miguel Angel Lopez, maintains that the high standards of the institution allowed them to accelerate the improvement of customer service and move from a single-line model and the advances were achieved with the Q-Flow software from ACF Technologies, with which they were able to improve the service scheme.

“Digitization and the context of the pandemic forced us to realize that we had to make changes and in less than a week, we did it. Q-Flow helped us improve the experience and gain a competitive advantage. We made use of all the digital tools we had available and the whole industry changed. Suddenly, we couldn't stay behind. We have the desire to increase our operations and the simplest way is to be empathetic with the users. That is why we have adopted this culture of digital transformation and we facilitate customer-bank interactions all the time; we began to create digital products that customers only previously accessed in person,” she said.

BAC Credomatic El Salvador and its success story with queue management

For his part, Jorge Peña, the operations, and services supervisor of BAC Credomatic El Salvador, affirms that Q-Flow from ACF Technologies allowed them to improve their customer experience virtually and with queue management, which has allowed them to have controlled assistance in its branches and cited that its main case of success is the banking agency in Metrocentro.

“We previously worked with a supplier, and we received constant refusals. We worked with them for 10 years and we had to live with the enemy at home because that was what we had. ACF suddenly arrives and I have always said that our best ally in service is Q-Flow. Unlike the previous supplier, we genuinely count on ACF. It is a quality service, I have never felt unattended, and there is always someone responding to my requests. With them we have been able to improve because what they offer us is innovative, they are different, and we have learned about different modules that help us improve our efficiency with the client and get closer to technology,” he clarified.

Is Latin America ready to embrace the trends?

A Mitto omnichannel solutions survey argues that consumers appreciated the digital engagement of brands, and most do not want companies to scale back their digital customer experience initiatives after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

What are the opinions of users about the customer experience?

A report by The Banker affirms that the digitization of consumer habits forced banks to make investments, promote agreements or contemplate mergers and acquisitions, and the latter two registered on April 16 made agreements for 14.9 billion dollars in the United States alone, due to competition and the need to allocate spending on technology. Another optical (omnichannel) solution that already works in Latin America is provided by ACF Technologies with Assistant Anywhere, a real-time communication platform with video calls that eliminates long lines and reduces traffic in branch rooms, as implemented by Davivienda Honduras.

“We had the accompaniment of ACF. We started with 7 branches, and now we have 21 branches, complementing the measurement and monitoring tools for more productivity. We understood the real flows of people passing through the offices and as an institution we were innovative. We guarantee care in a maximum waiting time of 20 minutes. Q-Flow allowed us to understand all the processes because if we did not measure it, we would not have known it,” says Miguel Angel Lopez, operations director of Banco Promerica El Salvador.

An analysis by QuestionPro indicates that customer experience is essential for companies, organizations, and the public sector, as it can help measure the success of a campaign, that is, offering consumers a quality experience will mean that they will become ambassadors. It states that the coronavirus represents areas of opportunity for companies in the service sector and recommends the following changes:

  1. Work with your employees to offer a positive customer experience.
  2. Focus on caring for and connecting with customers.
  3. Keep customers informed of all the changes you make.
  4. Concentrate your efforts on social networks.
  5. Listen to your clients carefully.

At ACF Technologies, we listen to market suggestions, and we understand that caring for and connecting with customers is of the utmost importance, so some of the main features offered by our video call management solution (Assistant Anywhere) are:

  • Customer support anywhere, anytime
  • Personalized digital experiences, where executives can be assigned to clients so that there is continuity of care or that the client requests to speak with their usual executive
  • Virtual queues or service scheduling, where the client can be attended to as soon as they need it
  • Lobby capacity management, redirecting branch traffic to virtual services

Social networks are essential to generating loyalty

The key to the digitization of companies lies in taking advantage of communication channels to create a deeper engagement with consumers pointed out that social media platforms have already allowed companies to gain greater traction by personalizing communication, compared to traditional marketing channels.

Brands have been innovating since 2020 with blogs and YouTube, where they are generating excitement and attracting end customers. For this, companies are constantly adopting technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), all without compromising people's safety. However, these trends landed first in Europe and the United States, but as of this year, emerging nations will begin to adopt them.

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