ACF Organizes and Streamlines Order Delivery Times

Case Study

This client operates in the manufacturing and distribution of pure essential oils and natural wellness products, serving over nine million wellness advocates and customers across more than 86 countries.

Their approach revolves around a modernized direct selling model, empowering distributors to educate and provide personal experiences with essential oils.

This model not only fosters learning and trust but also creates opportunities for individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency. Currently, more than three million Independent Distributors globally utilize and sell these products.

The Challenge

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, a need arose to revamp the system serving business partners. The client required a solution that could facilitate scheduled deliveries and control the  number of people and orders, adhering to existing regulations. This was crucial, especially regarding the limitations on the number of individuals and orders each person could present upon arrival at the branch per hour.

Solution Overview

After extensive discussions, the ACF team, collaborating with the client's team, devised a comprehensive solution:

  • Personalized online appointment portal for the client: Integration of the number of valid orders.

  • Establishment of business rules for appointment scheduling: availability of appointments based on the number of orders a partner was going to place. Configuring service times based on the number of orders placed:

1 to 3 orders: 15 minutes service time.
4 to 6 orders: 30 minutes service time.
More than 7 orders: 1 hour service time.blogimage_EssencialOil_ACFTechnologies_cs_en_usa

  • Appointments cannot be scheduled for the same day; they must be booked for the next day, with a one-week scheduling window: an end-of-day download of the list of appointments scheduled for the next day to prepare the orders for delivery.
  • Reception console to validate that the order number corresponds to the appointment, ensuring only the registered order is fulfilled.

The Results

The implementation of the Q-Flow appointments system yielded several 
positive outcomes:

  • Identification of the number of people and orders per hour. Increased productivity.
  • Insight into branch-specific behavior.
  • Maintenance of branch capacity allowed by hours through the Q-Flow appointments.
  • Improved orderliness in the branches.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined handling at the time of delivery.
  • Reduction of crowds for order collection.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Augmented delivery/care capacity.

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