Colombian Global Health Revolutionizes Patient Experiences with Q-Flow

Case Study

Our client stands as a global healthcare powerhouse, making a significant impact in Colombia since its establishment in 1990. Over the years, it has evolved into a trailblazer in the healthcare sector across multiple countries. The company's mission revolves around delivering top-notch, accessible healthcare to communities worldwide. Currently, they have established a formidable presence in Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Operating an extensive network of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities throughout the country, our client plays a pivotal role in ensuring that a substantial number of Colombians have access to high-quality health services. Boasting more than 6.8 million affiliates, our client comprises two subsidiary companies. The first is a prepaid medicine company that not only offers comprehensive healthcare but also upholds stringent standards of quality. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, scientific expertise, and a commitment to personalized attention, this subsidiary stands out as a leader in the industry.

The second subsidiary, established in 1994 in response to the reform of Social Security in Colombia, serves as a health promotion company. It provides healthcare services and economic benefits to all members of the Health Benefits Plan (PBS), ensuring that they receive the entitlements they deserve.

The Challenge

Renowned for delivering comprehensive health services encompassing medical consultations to specialized procedures, our client has empowered 6,801,935 Colombians to access top-tier healthcare. Given  this substantial affiliate/customer base, the imperative for a shift management solution became evident. Before engaging with ACF, the company identified several key challenges:

  • ACF needed to demonstrate that we are the ideal technological partner for shift management, providing a robust and modular solution that ensures compliance in support times for both software and hardware.
  • There was a necessity to implement unified and innovative solutions for the new "Experience Centers – Offices of the Future," aiming to create a brand experience and address affiliate requests in a modern system equipped with high-tech elements. This would facilitate interaction through non-face-to-face channels, promoting learning, adherence, and accessibility.
  • The goal was to reduce staff in the "Experience Centers" designed to handle low-complexity requests from affiliates through interaction with non-face-to-face channels, leveraging technological elements.
  • There was a need to distinguish itself from competitors by evolving from traditional offices to modern and comfortable self-management spaces that promote and reinforce non-face-to-face channels.
  • The client sought a technology partner with growth and innovation capabilities to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • The challenge included creating a unified view of the customer experience.
  • Additionally, there was a requirement for intelligent, real-time reporting for management and business purposes.

Solution Overview

ACF undertook the implementation of a shift management solution by conducting consultations to comprehend and establish business rules. Leveraging the Q-Flow platform, a user-friendly tool for administrators, representatives, and collaborators in administrative branches, urgent care centers, and clinics, several measures were put in place:

  • Kiosks were strategically placed at entrances to capture all customers, facilitating their entry into the queue through automatic ticketing.
  • Alternatively, in certain scenarios, a reception console with a computer was installed, where a receptionist distributed tickets to customers.
  • Integrations with customer identification software were established, including prioritization based on customer type, giving legal precedence to seniors, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities.
  • A triage services model was implemented, classifying patients initially and directing them to appropriate services such as laboratory, radiology, and nursing, ultimately culminating in a doctor's visit.
  • Digital signage solutions were introduced to inform patients about their position in line, offering multimedia content for education, information, or promotion.
  • Managers gained access to valuable reports providing a real-time overview of performance metrics, including total attendance, average service and wait times, SLA comparisons, and more.


In two Experience Centers located in Barranquilla and Cartagena, service walls were deployed in both SAS and cloud versions. Customers entering through kiosks or receptions were redirected to these service walls, where they could be virtually attended via video calls. 

Alternatively, customers were equipped with tablets or PCs to manage their requests independently. These stations, inclusive of self-service kiosks and devices for the elderly, provided various functionalities such as video calls, file sharing, chat, scanning, printing, and integration with the Customer Identification application.Colombian_Global_Health_Revolutionizes_Patient_Experiences_with_Q-Flow_ACFTechnologies_cs_en_usa_2024_04

The Results

Our client stands as a significant influencer in Colombia's healthcare sector, having played a pivotal role in enhancing access to quality healthcare throughout the country. Their dedication to innovation, in collaboration with ACF and its solutions, has been a driving force in this transformative journey.

The introduction of Q-Flow, coupled with the outstanding rapport between the client and the project team, has left a positive impact on both patients and employees
The trust bestowed upon ACF has fueled the expansion of the initial 2015 implementation, which began with 10 locations, to a comprehensive network today, encompassing:

Handling a remarkable 3,200,000 monthly transactions on the Q-Flow platform

Over 150 Customer Service Offices

7 Urgent Care Centers



Moreover, the ongoing implementation strategy includes the incorporation
of new modules, such as virtual appointments, surveys, SMS, and email notifications. There are also plans for expanding the footprint of experience centers and integrating with the broader health system, showcasing the enduring commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery.

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