3 Ways to Boost Your College Administration in 2023

Provide solutions for students and academic staff with a college admission system software that is personalized for every institution. 

Raising the student enrollment percentages is no easy task for admissions teams. It is not because of the lack of trying, but because there are many new age study options, for this tech-friendly generation and on-campus admissions processes are passed over more and more for online options. 

In fact, the  Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Admissions Officials 2020 ensures that 69% of admissions officials from community colleges and 55% of admissions officials from private bachelors colleges are very concerned about meeting their institutions’ goals for their new students.

According to the Center for American Progress, the decline in enrollment rates was a concern before the pandemic started since annual undergraduate enrollment across all higher education institutions fell by 1.25 million students from the 2014-15 to 2018-19 academic years, a decline of 5%. Overall, undergraduate enrollment in public colleges dropped by 425,000 students during this period, an almost 2.5% decline.

So, now college admissions not only face increased dropout rates and lack of interest in what their institutions are offering, but they are entering a year where technological advances are predicted to make record leaps. 

As mentioned, today, students are tech-friendly and expect to go through a simple and intuitive process not only when enrolling but also when looking for advice and/or assistance. 

Three Ways to Boost Your College Administration in 2023 and Challenge Negative Admissions Statistics

Here are 3 ways to boost your college administration in 2023 and defy negative admission statistics:

Reduce Response Time Through Automation

Immediate answers are a must for today’s generation. Those institutions that do not adapt to these kinds of demands, may be risking the opportunity to connect with them effectively. 

It is essential to understand what students want, and to connect with them on their plane of understanding. Most students of the younger generations share their experiences and opinions on social media. The earlier you make a social connection, the better chance you have to invite students to commit to your institution. 

Automation can make a difference. In fact, data experts say that the response time for your leads must be 5 minutes or even less. According to a study conducted by Drift, only 7% of the surveyed companies achieved an average lead response time of 5 minutes or less. But as mentioned, it is not impossible to change this situation. 

To make the response process faster and give students what they want, ACF Technologies  provides smart software that counts on an automated system and automatic responses and provides intelligent solutions. 

Get Rid of Long Queues and Improve Communication

Admission offices, student financial aid, counsellor appointments, and other administrative divisions tend to experience a high volume of student traffic. Students want to be heard and helped by appropriate academic advisors and have the time to schedule a meeting with them, as well. 

Suppose they wait long periods of time or do not have open communication with the institution. In that case, students will not only share their negative experience but will look for different educational opportunities that will better fit their needs. 

To provide students with the chance to achieve their goals and, at the same time, the educational staff to have an organized calendar, Queue Management Software integrates an appointment scheduling solution that helps to eliminate lines, offers online services, opens channels of communication and uses technology to transform the student experience campus-wide. Provide students with all the information they need before, during, and after a visit for seamless student interaction. 

Queue Management Software also helps to:

  • Manage online appointment scheduling tailored to the needs of higher education.
  • Manage capacity in every campus office, online and in-person.
  • Sign up for multiple services and receive an automatic assignment to the shortest line.
  • Have access to real-time analytics.


Improve Productivity and Reduce Operational Costs

Today, almost every member of campus staff is student-centered. Institutions need to keep their students happy by inviting them to stay on campus and for them to share their experiences and encourage more students to enroll. But is that all?

The answer is no.

An effective system does not only listen to what students have to say about their experiences and journeys but also provides solutions for the educational staff. 

For them to be able to give students what they need before, during, and after their arrival at the campus, whether they’ve chosen a virtual or on-campus experience staff also needs time and technological improvements. When the academic staff utilizes smart software with automated solutions, they not only have more time to be productive with their tasks but also to address more students that need specific or tailored solutions. 

At ACF Technologies, our goal is to provide equal services to students and academic advisors and admissions officers, to make the experience better for every sector. 

With Queue Management Software, your institution will be able to:

  • Improve operational efficiency by decreasing the time and costs associated with student interactions. 
  • Have access to real-time analytics that offers insight into KPI data and helps reduce wait times. 
  • Access student feedback to help managers identify what’s working and what’s not.
  • Integrate with staple programs for student information tracking throughout their college career (visits to financial aid, registration, advising, etc.).


Welcome 2023 with software that makes the difference. Want to learn more? 

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