How Virtual Queuing Can Impulse Your Customer's Journey this Holiday

This season, make your business shine by providing a customer experience as good and memorable as gifts under the tree on Christmas.

Everyone knows that customers hate to wait, but imagine making them wait during the holiday season. An experience that can be enjoyable and exciting can end up complicating queues, promoting anxiousness and boredom. 

Long lines lead to unhappy crowds, and unhappy people don’t commit to brands. This experience can hurt your business and, therefore, your profits. In fact, research shows that US businesses lose an estimated $83 billion in sales annually due to poor customer experience (CX).

When wait times increase, customer satisfaction decreases. Consequently, today, many businesses are thinking about queuing in a completely different way. Which changing the standard “stand-in-line” model for a virtual queuing system. This alternative offers customers a completely different and more convenient, and enjoyable way of queuing. And at the same time, it’s proven to be more productive for businesses’ staff as well.

But now the question is: is virtual queuing ready for the holiday season? The answer is yes, and at ACF Technologies, we show you how this system can make a significant difference now and in the years to come. 

Virtual queuing is an innovative and intuitive process that makes it easy for customers to book their place in line and ensure they will be served in a timely manner and have a satisfactory experience. 

The holiday season is known for the long lines to buy presents, access promotions, and special treats. It makes every place, digital and physical, crowded and customers tend to get anxious. At ACF Technologies,   we’ve developed advanced software that transforms the CX through an automated Queue Management System.

Queue Management System: Five Ways to Help Your Business and Your Customers

During the busiest time of the year, this system can help your business and customers to:

  1. Schedule an AppointmentBefore arriving at the business, customers can book an appointment online. By using virtual queuing software, customers save time, and businesses can manage their workload and staff schedules. 
  2. Easy Registration and Customer InsightsCustomers can register for service at a kiosk or mobile device. This registration process can happen any time and from anywhere, 100% self-service or guided if needed. Registered customers can use this service to check in and let the business know they’ve arrived, they will also know how long they’ll have to wait. Customers can also share their experiences through Customer Feedback, allowing businesses to see what is working and what needs improvement.
  3. It’s All About CX Customer touchpoints enable businesses to set expectations, interact with customers, and boost CX. Appointment reminders and confirmations, keep open communication and immediate communication through email and SMS. These notices give customers the information they need to manage their time. At the same time, digital signage and SMS can provide queue, wait, and service updates and also targeted marketing opportunities for your business. 
  4. Manage Queues and the Customer JourneyWaiting customers and service queues can be viewed from mobiles and computers, and they can be managed, grouped, and sorted. Having access to that information can help customers to know where they stand, get transferred to other queues if needed, and moved up or down in the queue according to their necessities. A hyper-personalized experience will make sure that the customer receives any necessary notifications before, during, and after the service time, creating an enhanced customer journey.
  5. Never Stop Learning A Queue Management System is always collecting information from customers and even staff’s feedback. Gathering this data can be useful and productive to keep learning from the CX your business is offering and to keep improving. Also, real-time data and alerts allow managers to react before problems get out of hand and, at the same time, boost productivity and optimize efficiency. 

    As you can see, by integrating a Queue Management System, your CX will change for the best, and your business’ productivity will mostly likely rise. This holiday season, you can make a difference not only for the people you work with but also for the customers that choose your service or brand above others. Give them another reason to stay loyal to your brand.

    The customer journey can be improved even in the most crowded and demanding time of the year. By integrating Q-Anywhere into your customer journey, you will have benefits such as:

    Improvement in the wait-time experience → Virtual queuing gives customers a choice on how they want to spend their time. 
    Reduction of perceived wait time → While waiting to access the product or service, customers can relax, browse, shop, or even stay home. Which will reduce perceived wait times. 
    Create more satisfied and happy customers → Giving your customers information on where they stand in line keeps expectations in check, reducing stress. 
    Enhance customer flow → A Queue Management System can automate multiple service processes, which enables customers to move through a series of services without having to re-schedule each time.

    Make the Customer Journey Flow as Swiftly as Santa's Sleigh

    Holiday season, make a difference in the Customer Experience and welcome 2023 with high turnaround on satisfaction and flow. By automating systems like queueing and appointment scheduling, you will improve your customer journey and boost your business for the new year.