10 Reasons You Need Assistant Anywhere

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for new ways to connect with businesses. The digital environment is booming, and companies are struggling to adapt their entire infrastructure. Your customers struggle with finding a time that fits their schedule, making an effort to see you in person, and — in general — booking appointments can feel like a hassle.

So, the question to ask is: how are you making it easier for customers to access your services in a time social distancing?

With Assistant Anywhere, you can make the process more flexible and convenient for the people who need it. Our solution connects customers, patients, and medical staff faster and more personally, through secure, live interactive video sessions by combining existing virtual queue management technologies with real-time, interactive video appointments. Allowing customers, patients and citizens to meet their needs either more remotely than in the past, or entirely online.

In this infographic you would find 10 reasons why you need Assistant Anywhere:

ACF Technologies Assistant Anywhere - Video Appointments – Virtual Queuing

  1. Humanizes digital interactions
  2. Provides accessible care anytime, anywhere
  3. Lowers costs-per-interaction
  4. Secures communications over a direct channel
  5. Reaches a new customer base
  6. Increases real-time visibility of productivity
  7. Personalizes the digital experience
  8. Shifts to an efficient engagement channel
  9. Automates communications for quicker responses
  10. Streamlines staff productivity

ACF Technologies Provides Innovative Services

Whether you’re looking to streamline the appointment process or need a better way to communicate with patients post-appointments, our technology solutions help you stay connected. Our software makes it easier to mobilize your practice and improve your digital processes. Improve the digital experience to make it more convenient for your patients or customers to get the help they need.

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