Appointment Scheduling

For organizations that utilize appointments, quick and easy scheduling is an essential aspect of Customer Experience Management.

ACF leads the market in appointment management by combining scheduling with queue management through our powerful software platform which allows customers to schedule appointments online, sends automated reminders to reduce no show rates, and seamlessly integrates appointment vs. walk in traffic at the time of visit.

Our scheduling platform adds convenience to customers and eliminates unnecessary tasks for employees. Customers appreciate the ease of finding and creating appointments online as well as the ability to receive automated email and text message reminders. Agents who were previously tied up with the process of making appointments are freed up to focus their efforts on more important tasks.

Key Features:

ACF Appointment Scheduling Solutions
  • Manually search available appointments

  • Take time for reminder phone calls

  • Spend money on reminder cards

  • Juggle existing appointments to accommodate walk ins

  • Lose money due to chronic "no show" customers

Online Scheduling

ACF scheduling software allows customers the convenience of booking available appointments from their computer or smartphone. Q-Flow provides an easy to use walkthrough method for scheduling open appointments that meet their needs.

  • Schedule online, via phone, or through receptionist

  • Easy to navigate wizard for searching available services, dates, times, etc.

  • Email and smartphone reminders

Business Efficiency

ACF scheduling software decreases the hassles with standard appointment systems. Customers can set their own appointments based on customized rules and Q-Flow can automate customer flow (walk in vs. appointments) upon arrival. Q-Flow improves efficiency by:

  • Eiliminating the need for a scheduling receptionist (receptionist may be used if desired)

  • Providing automated check-in via barcode from customer appointment confirmation

  • Setting prequalification events for appointment availability

  • Allowing configurable services, dates, times, and blocked periods

  • Managing rules regarding early, late, and on-time check-in for improved flow with walk-in traffic

  • Providing options for verifying customer information and printing of necessary forms at the time of appointment scheduling