ACF helps transform Customer Experience for Aguas de Saltillo

Aguas de Saltillo is a mixed enterprise, which means it has public and private investments. It began its operations on October 1 of 2017 and was the result of the public bidding process launched by the municipality of Saltillo. The purpose was to seek the most competitive offer operations surrounding the drinking water system project in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico.

A Recent Success

After going through a bidding process and evaluating various technological solutions, Q-Flow was 
successfully installed. This was implemented to manage shifts and schedules at all four branches of Aguas de Saltillo (AGSAL) to make customer service more efficient and expeditious. This would minimize the time spent in line for customers and resolve the different issues occurring from the procedures within the offices.

What were the criteria for selecting ACF Technologies as the most appropriate queue management solution? 

Characteristics of the good based on the technical proposal: The technical characteristics and specifications of each solution were considered in the decision. In addition, there was consideration of aspects guaranteed by the supplier that gave them a competitive advantage. For instance, durability, life span of the equipment, or the amount of technical specialty or technological innovation promised.

Experience and specialty of the bidder: ACF Technologies is a global company with 20 years of experience in the development of advanced Customer Experience Management solutions. Further, our solutions benefit many industries such as Telcos, Finance, Government, Retail, Hospitals, Logistics,  Education, and more. This vast amount of experience was key in the criteria of selecting a bidder.

Capacity of the bidder:

2023 Aguas de Saltillo EN5This consisted of the economic, technical, and equipment resources available from the supplier that would allow them to deliver the solution in the required time by AGSAL. Time needed to assess performance of the solution, maintenance service possibly needed, or any other essential aspect was also considered when selecting a bidder. Assessing which bidder could comply with the obligations set forth by the contract and get the solution up-and-running in the time required was a major factor.

Contract Compliance: Measurement of the supplier's performance or compliance of the supplier in the timely and adequate delivery of goods of the same nature that are an object of the contracting procedure.

The Solution:

Implementations to increase branch functionality:

  1. Supervisor Registration
  2. Agent Registration (various types of service windows are available for branch agents and other staff)
  3. Customizable paper tickets by window or service type
  4. Screens for projection of shifts including:
    • Upcoming shifts and history of previous shifts
    • Ability to integrate additional content (Web, JPG, Video)
    • Text alerts for customers
    • Screen/email alerts for busy working hours

  5. Ability to personalize the service desk:
    • Web-type interface
    • No special or exclusive branded paper
    • Personalized ticket printing

  6. Automatic registration kiosk:
    • Touch screen on Web-type interface
    • Pedestal or wall-mountable type interface
    • Customer check-in
    • Custom ticket printing
    • No special or exclusive branded paper

The Implementation:

With the planning and compliance of both parties and with the proactive participation of everyone involved in the project, the solution was installed across all four branches in a record time of only two weeks.

The Results:2023 Aguas de Saltillo EN3

In addition to programs such as the sectorization program, which divided their processes into smaller, more organized entities, and various key actions that are applied in the administrative area of Aguas de Saltillo, the implementation of Q-Flow left users more satisfied with both management and service quality.




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Our goal was to acquire and migrate to a robust, reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution like Q-Flow.

David Ríos, Aguas de Saltillo - ACF
David Ríos, IT Systems Manager
Aguas de Saltillo, México