Optimize Citizen Experiences

Reducing wait time and enhancing customer experience has never been simpler for local governments.

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Reducing wait time and enhancing customer experience

A Seamless Customer Journey

Engage with citizens on their terms by leveraging omnichannel solutions that integrate onsite and online services and drive operational efficiencies.

Reduce wait times by over 60%

check Create a calmer environment for citizens and staff.

check Open additional slots for walk-in traffic.

check Shorten average service and overall visit times.

check And, enjoy the benefits of managing an efficient operation.

Reduce wait times by over 60%
Automation & Actionable insights

Automation & Actionable insights

check Real-time data and predictive analytics to help drive operational efficiency.

check Increase productivity by automating mundane tasks.

check Manage staff workload and evenly distribute visitors based on employee skills.

What Our Customers are Saying

Buncombe County LGV1 EN
Buncombe County Quote

ACF has been a great partner, incredibly responsive and adaptive as we made adjustments. Q-Flow is the ‘crown jewel’ example of effectively managing county dollars. Other counties now visit our offices, just to see the system at work.

Department of Health and Human Services
Ken McAlindon, Customer Service Team Leader
Bay County Tax Collector LGV1 EN
Bay Country Tax Collector Quote

Prior to implementing Q-Flow, we had another queuing system designed to manage the flow of the lobby, but not designed to allow for appointments. The pandemic shifted our needs considerably and we found ourselves continually trying to put a band-aid on a product that simply wasn’t built for the needs that had surfaced.

Jessica Liard
Director of Operations | Bay County Tax Collector, Florida

Key Features of Your Citizen Experience System


Allow citizens to check-in using their mobile device or on-site kiosk.


Alert citizens to changes in wait times and give them the ability to manage their bookings.


Feel confident that citizen data is stored and managed in accordance with stringent DoD security protocols.


Customer journey insights help you plan, predict and schedule staff to match customer demand.


Connect screens to deliver helpful content and real-time information to citizens while they wait.


Encourage citizen to join a virtual queue from any location, eliminating long lines and lobby chaos.


Provide citizens with navigational prompts from their mobile devices and digital signage.


Provide hybrid work arrangements, and give citizens access from everywhere.


Citizens can schedule and manage appointments across multiple devices.

Don’t wait, transforming Citizen Experiences is easier than you think

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