3 Ways Digital Transformation Drives Auto Care Centers

Auto service centers that digitize services and offer virtual appointment options are leading the industry in customer satisfaction. 

From instant mobile notifications and video calling that keep your customers informed - to convenient appointment booking and pick-ups, your customers will build trust in your brand and return to your service center. 

Easy appointment booking for auto services

21st-century customers demand a simple appointment booking system that gives them control of their time. It is now possible for staff - and customers -  in any industry to schedule appointments virtually, empowering customers to take control of their time.

Do you own or work at an auto service center? Is it true that people want all the errands related to their vehicle to be as fast, expeditious, and easy as possible, from beginning to end? The answer is unequivocal: Yes. 

Your car service center can provide your customers with the convenience of scheduling, tracking, and rearranging their appointments wherever they are. Without ever having to wait on hold, customers can book an appointment at their convenience, allowing your staff more time to take care of other important matters. Customers can also reschedule their appointment with a few clicks and our system will send them automatic appointment reminders – and even alert them if a preferred time slot becomes available.

Knowing your customer allows your staff to provide better, more specific services based on individual customers' needs when visiting the center.

Automate your appointment management and your organization will benefit from insights into appointment scheduling patterns, allowing you to improve the customer experience by preventing long delays. Customers receive custom alerts to remind them of their appointment and to let them know if there are any delays, thus reducing no-show rates. Automating these tasks lowers your operating costs and your staff can focus on their most relevant work.

Update notifications and real-time video calls for your service routines

There is a lack of transparency in the automotive industry which contributes to lower customer experience scores in their reviews. In order to achieve a better reputation, your clients should be able to trust the people that work at the center and the brand of the service center itself. At times, the customer receives information about their car only after maintenance is complete.

Surveys conducted by ACF Technologies revealed that keeping a customer informed makes a huge difference in their perception of the experience. Instant updates can now be sent to your customers via their mobile devices. Whenever a booking is confirmed, changed, or complete - and even when important repairs are being performed - your clients can receive SMS updates.

You can increase customer confidence by sending real-time updates via email, SMS, and WhatsApp notification, allowing them to receive their service/repair progress, review messages, attachments, and even real-time quotes for essential jobs when integrating with your quote systems.

With all the information they need at their fingertips, they won't be left without knowing anything about your vehicle. This will dramatically influence the improvement of your relationship with your customers and increase the chances of creating a long-term relationship with greater brand loyalty.

Wait anywhere with Assistant Anywhere

By enabling real-time remote customer communication, Assistant Anywhere promises:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower costs and improved efficiency
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Seamless customer experiences

The Assistant Anywhere solution also reduces costs and increases productivity for organizations by meeting the growing demand for virtual meetings. Through secure video appointments, we help customers and staff connect faster.

Your clients will have a more individualized digital experience thanks to Assistant Anywhere.  Updating and clarifying any issues with your customer quickly and effortlessly is easy using Assistant Anywhere. It brings the customer right to you. Watch our short video.


Without compromising the rapport of an in-person visit to your business, Q-Anywhere is made to give a totally virtual customer experience:

  • Give customers online appointment scheduling and management tools
  • Automatically let clients know when it is their turn for the service appointment
  • Enables customers to meet with you anywhere through a secure live video chat
  • Generate data and insights that you and your team can utilize to enhance the client experience

Showing the customer the repairs that need to be made, and what has already been done, before they pick up their vehicle keeps transactions transparent. A face-to-face meeting with a customer via video-call will increase the chances of return bookings in the future.

  • Instant notifications
  • Confirm service bookings
  • Promotional messages
  • Service Updates

All alerts can be delivered to your customers, guaranteeing useful information, transparency, and generating brand awareness.

When the service is complete, an instant notification is sent to the customer, alerting them that their vehicle is repaired and ready to go. The customer can then choose when to pick up their vehicle. When the customer arrives, via self-service and 2-factor authentication, they can pick up their keys and leave. This solution is completely secure - leaving the customer satisfied and in control of their time. 

Get the tools that will make your auto service thrive

Vehicle technical service is one of those businesses that have been around for decades and will remain in service as long as their are vehicles. As customers continuously demand better technologies for their vehicles, the companies that provide technical and maintenance services also need to undergo digital transformation.

Applying the available technologies to perfect your business is the future of owning and operating a business. At ACF Technologies we have the digital tools, system software, and artificial intelligence that support modern organizations to better understand customer behavior, which ultimately helps to:

  • Transform your product and service, offering an improved customer experience
  • Save money by using resources in a more informed, specific, and punctual way
  • Create brand loyalty with your customers
  • Reach potential clients via traditional marketing strategies such as mouth-to-mouth by leaving your customers happy: satisfied customers share their experiences with people in their circles

Make the right move: bring your organization to its maximum efficiency while becoming part of a digital world in continuous transformation. Be one to stand out by enhancing customer experience and by fine-tuning the processes for your company and your staff. Schedule a demo today.