Integrating Smart Solutions Will Shape the Future of Veteran Care

Make the VA Strategic Plan a reality with ACF Technologies by implementing innovative solutions that will help achieve the four strategic goals outlined for the future of veteran care. 

Denis McDonough, in a Letter from the Secretary, as seen in the 2022-2028 VA Strategic Plan, told readers that “We [VA] need to fight every day to build a stronger, better VA for Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors because they deserve nothing less than the very best.”

The letter’s intention was to address the plan to improve the Veteran Experience through four strategic goals. Let’s look at the goals and discuss how Q-Flow can help Veterans Affairs reach them. 

1. “VA will consistently communicate with our customers and partners to assess and maximize performance, evaluate needs and build long-term relationships and trust.”

Communication is key to building a strong, trusting relationship with any customer. Today, there are several ways of communicating with citizens regarding appointments and other sensitive information. Within Q-Flow, there is a way to manage communications, easily, from one location. 

Such solutions can play a pivotal role in achieving VA's goal to consistently communicate with customers and partners. By leveraging omnichannel communication strategies, these intelligent tools can establish a seamless flow of information across multiple platforms - be it email, social media, or direct messaging. This not only enhances performance assessment and need evaluation but also fosters long-term relationships and trust by providing a consistent, personalized, and responsive communication experience. Furthermore, the benefit-focused nature of these software solutions ensures that every interaction adds value to the customer, strengthening the bond of trust and loyalty.

2. “VA delivers timely, accessible, high-quality benefits, care, and services to meet the unique needs of Veterans and all eligible beneficiaries.”

Solutions like video calling are real game changers in VA's mission to deliver timely, accessible, and high-quality benefits, care, and services. Video calling allows for real-time, face-to-face interaction, breaking the barriers of distance and time. It brings high-quality care and services directly into the homes of veterans, enabling them to consult with care providers, receive guidance, and discuss their benefits in a personalized and interactive way.

3. “VA builds and maintains trust with Stakeholders through proven stewardship, transparency, and accountability.”

A Business Process Management  (BPM) solution is crucial in helping the VA build and maintain trust with stakeholders through proven stewardship, transparency, and accountability. BPM tools streamline operations, enhance visibility, and foster seamless communication - all key elements that strengthen trust. By standardizing and optimizing processes, BPM tools enable the VA to deliver services consistently and precisely, demonstrating responsible stewardship. Moreover, BPM tools provide real-time updates and comprehensive insights, promoting transparency that reassures stakeholders of the VA's commitment to openness and accountability. Lastly, meticulous tracking and reporting features of BPM solutions help the VA uphold accountability, developing confidence among stakeholders and reinforcing the narrative of trust.

4. “VA ensures governance, systems, data, and management best practices improve experiences, satisfaction, accountability, and security.”

Customer Feedback tools play a vital role in helping the VA enhance user experiences, satisfaction, accountability, and security. Customer Feedback systems enable the VA to collect, analyze, and act on feedback from veterans, providing a comprehensive understanding of their experiences. This opens communication, making veterans feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, they ensure accountability by recording all interactions and feedback, allowing for transparent review and adaptation. With robust data security protocols, these software solutions also safeguard sensitive user information, reinforcing trust in the system's security measures.


By embracing innovative software solutions that are available under the Q-Flow platform, the VA can achieve its strategic goals and improve the Veteran Experience. These intelligent tools enable consistent communication, timely and accessible benefits and care, trust-building with stakeholders, and governance enhancements. By leveraging technology, the VA can deliver personalized, efficient, and secure services, fostering trust, satisfaction, and accountability.

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