How Q-Flow Transformed This DMV's Operations

Case Study

In 1907 this state Department of Motor Vehicles was formed, and it stood as a pioneer among American cities. It has a multitude of responsibilities, including licensing and registration, ID and license renewals, driving tests, knowledge assessments, and the acquisition of vehicle tags. Further, it manages numerous deputy registrar offices and driver examination stations across the entire state.



The Challenge

This DMV encountered a multitude of complex obstacles that prompted it to pursue an innovative remedy for its operational challenges. Without an existing solution, the DMV was confronted with extended waiting periods and overpopulated premises, as they exclusively catered to walk-in customers without the implementation of a streamlined protocol. They found themselves in need of an approach that allowed visitors to acquire their tickets and secure appointments without the inconvenience of queuing. Moreover, in the aftermath of the pandemic's onset, the DMV required the adaptation of Q-Flow to align with the demands that emerged from COVID-19 regulations, resulting in the requisite for a virtual queuing mechanism.



In October 2018, the DMV made a strategic decision to collaborate with ACF Technologies and make an investment in Q-Flow, a cutting-edge Queue Management Solution. This move was aimed at addressing and mitigating some of the challenges they faced. The implementation of this solution was executed seamlessly, with no disruption to DMV services, following a phased approach. The ACF team conducted training sessions at the DMV headquarters, equipping the employees with the necessary skills and support to navigate the transition. The objectives driving the adoption of Q-Flow included the following:

  • Empowering customers to conveniently check in and schedule appointments online
  • Enabling the extraction of comprehensive reports and data. Significantly reducing waiting times.
  • Enhancing the overall efficiency of the staff.


The Results

Through a collaborative effort, a seamless transition to Q-Flow was successfully achieved. The adoption of this new system brought several benefits to the facility, including:

  • Reduced the average wait time and streamlined the appointment booking process for improved efficiency.
  • Increased overall staff efficiency in managing and serving appointments, allowing them to allocate their time more effectively.
  • Improved staff satisfaction with the new booking system, as it enhanced their workflow and productivity.
  • Enhanced visibility of data and insights through the comprehensive reporting suite, enabling better decision-making based on accurate information.
  • Heightened overall customer satisfaction with the appointment booking journeys, resulting in a positive experience for citizens.

Furthermore, ACF Technologies is presently collaborating with this BMV on an upgrade aimed at introducing more personalized features to enhance productivity. This enhancement encompasses an addition to the VCI Map feature, enabling the display of facilities equipped with self-service kiosks. In such cases, a link can now be provided for those locations, guiding customers to an express page for streamlined service. In addition, an ACF Kiosk App has been developed to simplify the process of setting up and operating the kiosks daily for the staff.

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