Patient Experience Management for the DoD

Deliver efficient and cost-effective military health care

ACF patient flow management solutions enable military clinics, hospitals and pharmacies to significantly improve the quality of care for servicemembers and their families.

Our solutions address specific pain points in today's military medical system: streamlining appointment scheduling, improving the speed and quality of service, reducing patient anxiety, improving operational effectiveness and saving money.

ACF DoD Patient Flow Management

ACF DoD Patient Check-In Kiosk

Improving health care for servicemembers

  • Online appointment scheduling and management can reduce wait time for appointments.
  • Integration with hospital and military applications to facilitate self-service checkin on mobile app or kiosk.
  • Provide patients with real-time updates about estimated wait times through web, mobile and digital signage in waiting areas. 
  • Streamline the patient journey with digital wayfinding and automatic service assignment.  
  • Invite patient feedback to help staff learn about what's working, and what's not.

Improve productivity and employee satisfaction

  • Improve employee satisfaction by automating patient flow and eliminating unnecessary steps.
  • Improve productivity by automating patient workflow for faster transfers and patient throughput.
  • Reduce costs by integrating systems and eliminating duplicate entry.
  • Improve working conditions by creating a less stressful environment for staff. 
  • Drive operational improvements through real-time and predictive analytics.
ACF Patient Flow Analytics

“We love Q-Flow and don’t know what we would do without it. Because of Q-Flow we have made improvements to ensure that patient throughput and Customer Service standards are met on a consistent basis.”
— Finger Lakes Health (Geneva General and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospitals)

Security and Certifications

ACF is the only company providing complete Customer Experience Management with proven, reliable, and robust software meeting the high-security standards necessary to reside on DoD networks. For more information about our security and certifications, please contact us.