ACF Technologies to Support UK's Mass-Vaccination Goals

The UK has launched its biggest mass-vaccination program, and ACF Technologies aims to support them with technology capable of scheduling millions per week.

London – Feb 2, 2021: ACF Technologies, Inc., the leader in Patient Experience Management (PXM) solutions, today announced that it has partnered with United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) to deliver Intelligent Appointment Scheduling (IAS) capable of scheduling a half a million appointments per day.

“For the second time in a year I’m lucky enough to have been a part of quite literally a life-saving solution, the team worked tirelessly to support the NHS in delivering a system capable of supporting one of the biggest mass vaccinations in the history of the UK,” said Andy Hart, Managing Director of ACF Technologies UK. “And to be able to say that and have achieved it within the timescales we were asked is something that all the team is immensely proud of. It wasn’t just the software and the infrastructure that made it possible, it was a team of people coming together to work for each other and the nation.”

The appointment booking system is capable of automatically adjusting to complex vaccination regimes, including multiple vaccine types and dosage variations. Notifications and the ability to manage bookings will ensure patients remain informed of their appointment status – supporting the successful completion of the vaccination process.

Simon Ronald, VP of Business Development, said: “Our vaccination platform is the result of a close working relationship with the NHS, and a significant research and development investment. As far as possible we’ve created a system that not only meets the immediate needs of healthcare providers in their campaigns to vaccinate against COVID-19 but also offers a future-proof solution that will take us a significant step forward in our fight against viruses.”

Patients with specialized accessibility needs are automatically matched with nearby locations capable of meeting their unique requirements. Data from all locations is fed into a national reporting system, delivering critical decision-making information to Government and the National Health Services.

About ACF Technologies Inc.

ACF Technologies helps organizations improve patient experiences using queue management, appointment scheduling, wayfinding, and machine learning technologies. By integrating these technologies into existing business systems, organizations can access real-time insights into patient journeys, and use this information to improve patient experiences. ACF has over 4,000 global installations in healthcare, government, finance, telco, retail, and education organizations.

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