How to improve Customer Experiences along the Citizen Journey

Dictionaries define customers as someone receiving something from a value-related exchange. The “something” a customer gets comes from the supplier of that good. Under this definition, almost anyone and everyone is a customer in some way- including citizens. 

Citizens receive the same sort of public goods from their country-- in many instances, from a government office. In return, a country has happier citizens who are more proud of where they live. So, if a country wants to keep satisfying citizens needs, the country should also be able to communicate and deliver services with the same customer service its citizens are used to in other fields. That style is through advanced technologies citizens often use in daily life.

Governments search for new ways to improve customer, staff, and internal experiences through new means of technology, especially after seeing a global pandemic redirecting everything online. One solution is to implement business-inspired technologies like Queue Management, Appointment Booking, Virtual Queueing, and Assistant Anywhere. 

Queue Management Streamlines Data

Simply put, queue management systems (QMS) streamline wait times for clients at any applicable organization. However, the benefits are more than just reducing wait times for clients and customers. It also benefits the staff of any office by reducing the stress clients feel when their wait seems too long. 

It can also help staff manage wait times from behind the scenes, while also providing data for decision-makers to improve office systems and flows as necessary. For the government, this tool could hold massive potential for any customer needing government assistance to improve their experience. Not only this, but it improves employee satisfaction by decreasing stress. 

Under QMS, there are several different technologies that assist in increasing customer satisfaction. These range from automated workflows before an appointment, to bettering a person’s experience during the appointment, to providing decision-makers with data from appointments to make better steps for their business. 

Appointment Booking

Oftentimes, government-run facilities get critiques over wait times. Because of the wait times, customers' aggression goes towards an already overloaded government staff. Appointment booking systems help reduce that tension in two ways. First, the appointment booking system allows customers to schedule online appointments instead of in-person. Second, customers can receive automated reminders about their appointment. 

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Virtual Queueing 

Virtual queueing is a tool that lets customers check in for their appointment remotely. Because of this, people can wait outside of a government office’s lobbying area. While customers can also find locations with the most optimal wait times for them, staff can manage customer flows among multiple government office locations. Not only this, but the system also helps empower the client with information about their appointment beforehand. This helps reduce tension between clients and staff during busy days in the office. 

Virtual queueing also opens opportunities for virtual appointments. Especially after the global pandemic, people adjusted to online appointments. Now, this system promotes accessibility for the customer with a booked daily life. Through virtual queueing, clients and staff can exchange files and information seamlessly for any appointment. 

Online Forms 

Another benefit of QMS that significantly increases efficiency is online forms. Clients can fill out forms before their appointment, as provided by staff. With this, customers can better understand what their appointment is about and take the right steps to prepare. The use of online forms also helps customers have better quality service, as staff will have a better understanding of what the client wants.  

As for staff, they now receive more data on the client by having a preview of the customer’s information. Not only this, but staff can also use this information to increase efficiency with timely and easier appointments. Through online forms, staff can take on more appointments in a shorter amount of time while forms are ready through features like e-signature, multilingual forms, and easy form software. Further, the data collection from clients filling out forms can be easily repurposed for decision-makers to decide what services they should hone in on. 

Assistant Anywhere 

Assistant Anywhere is a secure video appointment solution that connects staff and customers in real-time in a quick and efficient way. Through this system, government staff and customers both receive quicker response times via an automated engagement channel. Assistant Anywhere also cuts costs per interaction between office and customer while humanizing the entire appointment experience. 

ACF Technologies is ready to help you improve citizens' experiences. Through queue management software and systems, government offices can keep up with customer demands for accessibility and transparency throughout the appointment process.