Make every patient interaction effortless, efficient and pleasant

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Telemedicine is just the beginning

Nowadays healthcare should include solutions such as telemedicine, online appointment scheduling, virtual queueing, self-service check-in, capacity management, wayfinding, digital signage, real-time feedback and digital intelligence.

Your operation should offer patients a visit that is effortless, efficient and pleasant. You can achieve this by combining solutions like telemedicine, virtual queuing and real-time video to work in unison to benefit both patients and healthcare workers.

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Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment Scheduling

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken the world by surprise with new guidelines for public gathering. ACF’s solutions can help you manage the complexities of social distancing, appointment scheduling, queue management, capacity management and telemedicine with secure, easy to use software

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Reduce patient wait times and improve your services

Our solutions for the healthcare industry help hospitals, ERs, clinics, pharmacies and labs to take a patient-centric approach for appointments, staff management and shifts, resources, equipment, and patient interactions.

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Focus on the customer experience for your complete patient journey

  • Online appointment scheduling and management
  • Real-time updates about estimated wait times across web, mobile and digital signage mean faster service
  • Indoor navigation and automatic service assignment
  • Immediate feedback to learn what's working and what’s not, avoiding negative reviews

A healthy environment for all

  • Reduce costs with seamless integrations into other hospital applications
  • Eliminate duplicate entry with consolidated systems 
  • Automated patient flow to eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Deliver faster transfers and patient throughput
  • Create a less stressful environment for staff with improved working conditions and increased patient scores
  • Drive operational improvements through real-time and predictive analytics

Patient Flow Automation
Case study

A Prescription for Patient Satisfaction

Improving patient satisfaction is critical for the success of healthcare organizations. This white paper examines how organizations can use patient experience management technologies to positively improve experiences and outcomes.

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We love Q-Flow and don’t know what we would do without it. Because of Q-Flow we have made improvements to ensure that patient throughput and Customer Service standards are met on a consistent basis.

Finger Lakes Health
Geneva General and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospitals
Wake Forest

I have never been so impressed at how organized the clinics are. It is so efficient. Q-Flow has thought of everything.

Suzanne Coetzer, Sr. Clinical Project Manager, Information Technology Services
Wake Forest Baptist Health

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