Retail Restructuring & Rise of Entrepreneurship, with Sham Aziz

Episode 109

Sham Aziz is the founder of Thecxway, a customer service consultancy. In this episode, we dive into the beginnings of his brand, the benefits of consultancies & Sham’s 100 interviews. We also discuss the rise of redundancies, brands disappearing & how department shrinks can effect companies for years to come. How important is the in-store experience in retail? When should you buy online, and when should you not? Find out more in this episode!

Episode 109


Episode Summary


In this episode, Sham talks to us about redundancies & how the economic climate has changed since the last time we had him on our podcast. He talks to us about retailers and the improvements this industry can make when going through the redundancy process.

We also dive into Thecxway, Sham’s new business that was created after his departure from a high-end brand. We talk about proactive outreach that helped him land new roles, as well as the way he went about creating the project.

He also discusses the importance of investing in a consultant, helping your organisation become nimble & allow problem areas to be picked off easier. Would you employ someone in-house? Or will you get external help?


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This article summarises podcast episode 109 "Retail Restructuring & The Rise of Entrepreneurship" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu