Transforming Brand Experience in Banks & Building Societies

Episode 110

In this episode, we dive into Brand experience evolutions within the financial sector, branch roles in different communities & how you can build your brand DNA as a bank. How important is your branch placement? What are some brands with great consistency that banks can learn from? Find out more in this episode!

Episode 110


Episode Summary


In our latest episode, we talk about the future of bank branches & how consumers rely much less on heavy machinery. Banks must evolve through flexibility, cost-effectiveness & distinction between banks and building societies in their approach to bank operations.

In this episode we also talked about the everchanging landscape of customer experience in banking, providing insights into the importance of balancing digital & physical banking experiences, with the three rules being ‘Right Place’, ‘Right Format’ & ‘Right Time’.

Staff importance is also mentioned, describing the way that staff experience can elevate brand engagement. We talk about the significance of human-to-human interaction & how it can help brands define their role within communities, through service, education awareness & supporting individuals through their life journey.


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This article summarises podcast episode 110 "Transforming Brand Experience in Banks & Building Societies" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu