Sentiment Analysis & Debunking AI Myths in Sales

Episode 112

Joel Passen is a proven technology entrepreneur & Founder of Sturdy.AI. In this episode, we dive into the future of AI in Customer Intelligence, discussing the ways that customer data can become more accessible and actionable. Just how crucial of a role will AI have when it comes to businesses interacting with & understanding customers? What are some myths surrounding these new tools?

Episode 112


Episode Summary


Joel Passen is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in founding & growing start-ups with his first venture, a managed service provider, laying the ground-work for future start-ups. He talks to us about co-founding Sturdy.AI, a customer observability platform aiming to transform business-customer interactions.

Joel envisions agents that provide real-time insights across various platforms like CRM systems, Slack & Teams. AI will aim to proactively alert users to important developments. Joel also talks to us about how Sturdy.AI is investigating voice-enabled data interaction for easier access and action.

In this episode, Joel highlights AI's role in enhancing B2B relationships by providing scalable insights. AI can help identify risks & opportunities, improving customer retention and upsell potential. By analysing interactions, AI offers valuable insights beyond traditional data sources. 


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This article summarises podcast episode 112 "Sentiment Analysis & Debunking AI Myths in Sales" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu