Andreas Schmelzer: Hyper-Automation, the Next CX Boom?

Episode 91

Andreas Schmelzer is the Head of Digital Transformation for Porsche Holding, the largest car distributor in Europe. As a visionary of hyper-automation, he believes in putting all the 'stupid' things inside the machine, rather than outside. This approach aims to instil employees and customers with greater experiences, and in this episode, we find out how.

Episode 91


Episode Summary

Andreas envisions a future where automation is taken to the next level, aiming to revolutionise the way we work and live. His goal is to liberate valuable time for individuals, recognising its significance in our lives. However, he's not seeking to eliminate human involvement entirely; rather, he advocates for automating monotonous and repetitive tasks so that people can focus on more meaningful and strategic work.

Through the concept of hyper-automation, Andreas visualises a world where inefficient processes are delegated to machines, empowering humans to engage in activities that bring fulfilment and value. This approach not only boosts productivity but also enhances customer experiences and overall satisfaction. By embracing hyper-automation, businesses gain the ability to continuously innovate and adapt to ever-changing customer expectations effectively.

Andreas also challenges the conventional belief that data is a prerequisite for implementing innovative methods and technologies. He argues that reliance on existing data limits the potential for groundbreaking breakthroughs. Instead, he encourages daring ventures into uncharted territories, fueled by human imagination and creative discussions. Inspired by visionaries like Steve Jobs, who pioneered the iPhone without customer input, he believes in defying the constraints of traditional thinking to unlock extraordinary possibilities.

In essence, the work Andreas is doing redefines the essence of innovation, urging us to dream beyond what is known. This thrilling journey of customer experience explores realms where data takes a backseat, and the power of creativity and boundless potential reign supreme.

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This article summarises podcast episode 91 "Hyper-Automation, the Next CX Boom?" recorded by CX Insider.

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Written by Marcell Debreceni