Henriette Paus: How Norwegian Banks Are Breaking New Ground

Episode 90

Henriette Paus is the Head of Digital Customer Experience for DNB. In this exclusive podcast episode, she dives into the modernisation journey of the bank, exploring the challenges and success of being a traditional finance provider in a digital age.

Episode 90


Episode Summary

In Norway's digital landscape, DNB - the country's largest bank - is at the forefront of digital transformation. Amidst their reduction of physical branches, DNB values human connection, recognising the importance of engaging banking advisors for complex needs and pivotal life situations. They aim to differentiate customer journeys, offering personalised assistance when required and leveraging digital channels for convenience.

As they also strive to become a data-driven institution, DNB faces the challenge of utilising data intelligently while providing relevant and tailored services. The bank's initiatives focus on customer-centricity, with top leadership emphasising customer preferences, implementing design thinking and customer-driven business development, and encouraging feedback through an improvement portal.

Non-customer-facing employees gain insights by interacting with advisors, fostering empathy and a holistic understanding. DNB's approach serves as a valuable lesson for CX professionals, as they navigate the evolving landscape of customer experience in banking, highlighting the balance between technology and human touch to enhance the customer journey and deliver exceptional experiences in the digital age.

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This article summarises podcast episode 90 "How Norwegian Banks Are Breaking New Ground" recorded by CX Insider.

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Written by Marcell Debreceni