How Neuroscience Can Transform Customer Journeys, with Duncan Thomas

Episode 82

Duncan Thomas is the Head of Innovation and CEO of Pomegranate Media, a behavioural experience agency that uses neuroscience to construct ethical customer journeys. In Episode 82 of the CX Insider Podcast, we discuss the danger of dark practices and the neurological science behind customer experience.

Episode 82


Episode Summary

Duncan's epiphany began when Pomegranate was asked to observe why people were spending up to $500 daily on virtual games like Farmville. Their research resulted in a model of addiction which began to highlight key neurological switches in the human brain, that large corporations were utilising to manipulate consumers into spending more.

Fast forward, and Pomegranate now use those same psychological tactics to build customer journeys that encompass an ethical approach instead. Duncan explained how they achieve this and what fascinating insights they've learnt. We also discussed the transitional challenges of Web 2.0 and 3.0 moving forward, and what CX professionals can learn from a greater understanding of human behaviour.


This article summarises podcast episode 82 "How Neuroscience Can Transform Customer Journeys" recorded by CX Insider. For more information, listen to the episode, or contact Duncan on his LinkedIn profile.

Written by Marcell Debreceni