Luxury Watches and the Rise of eCommerce, with Marc Montagne

Episode 97

Marc Montagne is the Head of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce for Vacheron Constantin. In this episode, we look at the rise of e-commerce, the development of smart watches and the impact that counterfeits have on the luxury watch industry.

Episode 97


Episode Summary

In this episode, Marc talks to us about the focus Vacheron has on leveraging digital platforms such as e-commerce, Social Media and messaging apps. Marc emphasises the hesitance of selling online that other brands have, and why he disagrees with the slow pace of digital emergence. We explore the luxury watch industry and the methods used to meet evolving customer preferences, with exclusive insight and examples provided.

“Digital has changed everything in all industries and especially the watchmaking industry”

We also discuss the emergence of smartwatches from tech giants like Apple and Samsung and how this poses a fresh challenge to the luxury watch industry. These devices have evolved into potential life-saving products, intensifying competition in the hybrid space of traditional craftsmanship and technology in the watch industry. Marc also discusses the counterfeit industry and the threat this brings to brands and customers; Deceiving customers, undermining the value of genuine watches, and fostering unethical practices.


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This article summarises podcast episode 97 "Luxury Watches and the Rise of eCommerce", with Marc MontagneRecorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu