On Diversity, Transparency and Inclusion, with Donata Peksa

Episode 84

Donata Peksa is the Global Head of Brand Experience for HSBC. HSBC is the largest bank in Europe with 2.953 trillion USD in total assets. The 84th episode of CX Insider explores some of the most crucial topics in the world of international banking today, ranging from diversity and inclusion to sustainability and transparency in times of crisis.

Episode 84


Episode Summary

As the largest bank in Europe with approximately 2,670 branch locations worldwide, spanning 65 countries and 40 million countries, HSBC's customer base is extremely broad. This means they cater to people from every walk of life, and therefore, the brand's purpose and messaging are key considerations for making those customers feel acknowledged and represented.

But obviously, this comes as a great challenge. How do you encourage diversity in a matrix world with opposing views in different markets? How do you embody transparent communications in the digital age of the Internet? And how do you deliver a global CX strategy that is both inclusive and satisfactory?

Listen to the full episode to find out, discover more of Donata's story, and learn how you can apply these customer experience insights to your own organisation.


This article summarises podcast episode 84 "On Diversity, Transparency and Inclusion" recorded by CX Insider. For more information, listen to the episode, or contact Donata on her LinkedIn profile.

Written by Marcell Debreceni