Open Banking: The Shared Branch Model of the Future, with Andy Willmot

Episode 98

Andy Willmot is the Chief Technology Officer of OneBanx, a shared infrastructure solution for the UK’s banks. In this podcast episode, Andy tells us about the emergence of OneBanx through the rise of Open Banking. We look at the future of banking as well as the technology that should be implemented to benefit customers.

Episode 96


Episode Summary

In this episode, Andy walks us through the user accessibility optimisations that OpenBanx has implemented into their kiosks, as well as the challenges that bank branches face in the current landscape.

Should you switch from legacy to modern technology? Are there regulations for being the last branch in town? Are banks going to use one location worldwide? In our latest episode, Andy answers and dispels the myths that customers may have.

In addition to learning about open banking, Andy also dives into the collaborative efforts OneBanx has with Newcastle Building Society and Glory, discussing the implementation of Glory’s systems and hardware to enable cloud-based cash deposits and withdrawals.


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This article summarises podcast episode 98 "Open Banking: The Shared Branch Model of the Future, with Andy Willmot" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu